The Winning Formula of the 2012 Honda Civic

August 31st, 2012 by

Honda Civic has always been the go-to car of every person who does not really know which vehicle is right for them.  This is because with Honda Civic, you would not seem to get anything wrong with whatever you actually want and need.  For 2012, a bit of a redesign was made to the Honda Civic.  The old one already looks fabulously modern but the 2012 Honda Civic even looks better with a hint of a futuristic design while still having the right balance between efficiency, reliability, space, and comfort. Amidst the better competition that the 2012 Honda Civic faces today, it still undoubtedly remains the best choice.  It seems that Honda keeps changing and improving the winning formula and keeping it totally to themselves.

Have you ever noticed a group of guys talking about which car they should buy?  Chances are they would likely end up talking about the ever-reliable Honda Civic.

We are guessing consumers are ecstatic that despite the new design and improvements made to the 2012 Honda Civic, the price remains almost the same.  Where else can you find the ultimate winning combination of consumer-friendly price, performance, and amenities all together rolled into one amazing vehicle?

Most consumers have always loved the way the interior controls are arranged.  It is definitely where comfort meets practicality and efficiency.  There are even “eco” bars to inform drivers of how green they are driving.

A new addition to the 2012 Honda Civic features is the auxiliary screen display positioned at the right side of the speedometer.  It makes stereo control easier and it shows the fuel economy information plus the added feature of having personalized wallpapers.

Seats give utmost comfort and overall visibility is great without any hindrances that are almost always the problem of stylish cars today.  The best feature that almost all consumers agree upon is the manual transmission.  You simply cannot beat how well the 2012 Honda Civic handles with the manual transmission.