The 2012 Honda Accord Sets Benchmarks for Sedans

September 19th, 2012 by

The Honda Accord has been setting benchmarks over the years since it first made its way to the automotive market.  The vehicle is well known for excellent performance coupled with high efficiency and refinement like no other middle-priced sedan ever. Honda continues to improve Accord year after year resulting to more happy consumers.  For 2012, the Honda Accord continues to set the benchmark for sedans today most especially after a recent makeover in 2011.  A USB port now comes standard in all trim levels and fuel mileage is even improved.

The competition between sedans for 2012 is said to be at its best with almost equally good vehicles.  The 2012 Honda Accord though sets itself apart from the rest with a combination of all the best qualities a sedan could ever have.  The interior is comfortable and definitely roomier while overall performance gives more emphasis on power and fuel economy.

It has always been said that once a consumer gets inside the very polished and sporty 2012 Honda Accord, the competition seems to start fading in the background.

Most critics and reviewers highly commend Honda for thinking of their consumers more than anything else.  Amazingly, all the convenient features are located on each trim level and not exclusive to the high trim levels only.  Even the door locks get to have different functions as well on each trim level.

Navigation system is very easy to use with incorporation of voice activation to make it even more convenient.  Drivers can now navigate their way through roads and hills without ever having to take their hands off the steering wheel.

Every control is strategically placed on all the right positions.  The climate controls are located on the sides while the audio controls can be found just below the navigation system.  Another amazingly wonderful idea that was incorporated into the 2012 Honda Accord is the wiper control.  Honda made use of raindrops rather than bars, dots, or lines.

The 2012 Honda Accord truly remains to be the best among the rest.  It continues to evolve in the right direction surprising critics and consumers alike.