Simply the Best with 2013 Honda Fit EV

October 12th, 2012 by

People sometimes have this notion in their heads that the perfect car is supposed to be big, loud, and an absolute gas hog. But in reality, the ideal car gravitates more towards the light, quiet, and absolutely efficient when it comes to power usage kind. So it only makes sense that people would be looking for a vehicle that can deliver all of those things and the 2013 Honda Fit EV just happens to be that. Built to be driven, the Fit EV was clearly designed to offer the least amount of air resistance through its aerodynamically shaped exterior. The efficient use of surface design also presents very little obstruction so that the car can get to where it wants to go with as little trouble as possible. All this can be seen while also giving the Fit EV a style of its own.

Since the Fit EV comes from a manufacturer that is known for their commendable obsession with technology, you will find plenty of modern gadgetry inside the interior of the Fit EV that covers plenty of functions. There is an automatic control for the interior temperature, a reliable navigation panel, and a very handy array of monitoring equipments to always be aware of the condition of the car. You will also have some plush seats that are covered in comfortable materials and a considerable amount of passenger space which is quite impressive for a car its size.

As a completely electric car, you would think that the Fit EV does not have much to show on the power department, but you would be mistaken. The Fit EV actually has three options for driving which would dictate speed and power, but all of them still beat the competition.