2012 Honda Insight: Getting More Than What You Actually Pay For

September 23rd, 2012 by

Consumers who have already bought the 2012 Honda Insight are much delighted as they feel they actually got more than they deserved.  With these, reviewers concluded that Honda might have over delivered with this vehicle. At a base price of less than the $20,000 mark, Honda gives consumers an awesome deal with a vehicle that is truly fun to drive, looks stylishly sporty, and gives great fuel efficiency that no other competition can match.  Most test drivers found the 2012 Honda Insight’s overall comfort simply amazing for a hybrid car.  They especially love the green backlit speedometer, the easy-to-use steering wheel controls, and paddle shifters.

While test drivers are pleasantly surprised by all the wonderful functionality the 2012 Honda Insight brings, consumers are rushing to avail of this vehicle.  Consumer overall satisfaction rating so far is at 9.7 out of 10 in most automotive websites today.  This only proves that Honda truly delivered if not over delivered the for the 2012 Honda Insight.

Most consumers who bought the 2012 Honda Insight did not really have race car performance in mind when they were shopping for a car.  Most needed an all-around small vehicle that they can easily use around the city.  This vehicle targets the younger generation and parents have been choosing this vehicle for the teenage sons and daughters.

Honda made sure they will get the approval of most parents by making sure safety is among the top things the Insight can deliver along with unbelievable fuel efficiency.  Would you believe that even the insurance cost for this vehicle is low?

The 2012 Honda Insight is simply amazing.  Even the younger professionals are attracted to its wonderful features and great practicality.  What is even greater is you do not have to sacrifice anything with the 2012 Honda Insight.  You know this very well if you have tried a hybrid before and felt like you are sacrificing something for great fuel economy.