2012 Honda Fit: Sufficiently Fit For The Family

August 26th, 2012 by

As a family man, when you’re on the market for a car, you’re always looking for that special thing that can handle literally anything your family throws at it. Simply put, it isn’t supposed to be ridden by one person. There is going to be at least three people on it at all times: you, the wife, and at least one kid. Honda understands this family dynamic clearly and designed pretty much the perfect car for it – the 2012 Honda Fit. Believe me when I say there is no other perfect name for it. As per the latest model, the 2012 Honda Fit currently ranks as top 1 out of 41 in a survey of affordable small cars on the market, according to an online car reviews aggregate website. That’s saying a lot. The 2012 Honda Fit is definitely one of the most reliable and safest small cars available.

One of the most unique features on the 2012 Honda Fit is something called a Magic Seat, which lets you store anything from a tall plant to a large bike in the back seat, and that’s not counting the allocated space in the cargo area.

Reviewers are simply amazed at how much cargo storage is available in the 2012 Honda Fit considering its small size. It’s an affordable small car, is it not? Well, Honda was able to turn lead into gold in this one.

With spacious rear seats and plenty of storage options, the 2012 Honda Fit is definitely a fun car to drive the family out on a weekend. If you’re on the market for a reliable family car, look no further than the 2012 Honda Fit.