2012 Honda Crosstour: Function And Style

July 31st, 2012 by

Several top automobile critics weren’t sure what to say the first time they laid eyes on the 2012 Honda Crosstour. It’s such a polarizing vehicle, with a design that hints at either function or style, since not many cars can do both. It is either on or the other. But the famous car maker should be proud to announce that with the 2012 Honda Crosstour it managed to do both, present a sedan that’s as stylish as it is functional. When you pop the hood of the 2012 Honda Crosstour, you’ll find that it shares most of the specs of the Accord. However, the rest is different. The similarities end there.

The 2012 Honda Crosstour is powered by a V-6 engine with much better gas mileage compared to similar sized cars on the market. Compared to the Accord, the Crosstour is a bit heavier, leaner, and a little bit taller which makes for a smoother ride overall. The entire exterior was designed to hint at the versatility and utility of the 2012 Honda Crosstour, two things it does very well. There’s no beating around the bush here.

On the inside, the 2012 Honda Crosstour does not disappoint. In fact it’s the complete opposite. It comes with a sound system clocking at 360 watts as well as the standard dual zone climate control. This year’s model is also packed with camera for rear view perspective, Bluetooth hands free capability, and a much improved USB connectivity system. As mentioned earlier, the 2012 Honda Crosstour is a car of both function and style.

Honda obviously knows what it is doing when it designed the 2012 Honda Crosstour. You won’t be disappointed.