Facts Before Buying a Used Car

2019 Honda CR-V5 Things Every Used Car Buyer Should Know

So you’re thinking about buying a used car? Did you consider the dealerships inventory size, certification programs, warranty availability, or how to increase your trade-in value? Don’t worry because most drivers don’t, which is why we’re helping drivers from across the Long Beach, Cerritos, and Los Angeles area by sharing these five tips for buying a used car.

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1. Ask About Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles

While every certified pre-owned car is technically used, not every used car is a certified pre-owned vehicle. There are many differences between the two, starting with a multipoint inspection. This inspection typically covers more than 100 components, depending on the manufacturer’s certification program. Honda, for instance, implements a 182-point inspection.

These models also usually come backed by a manufacturer warranty and other driver benefits that come exclusively with buying a certified pre-owned vehicle.

2. Selection Matters

There’s nothing worse than going to a used car dealer and finding out that they only have a handful of models in your price range. That certainly doesn’t give you much variety to choose from, and the chances of you getting stuck with a car you don’t like greatly increase.

So you want to choose a dealership with a large enough inventory of used vehicles that you can be sure you’ll find something to fit your needs. At Norm Reeves Honda Superstore Cerritos, for example, we have over 400 pre-owned vehicles available and more than 100 certified pre-owned vehicles available.

3. Conduct a Thorough Test Drive

This is true when buying any car but especially when you’re purchasing a pre-owned vehicle. You want to make sure that you check under the hood, in the trunk, in the cabin, and for signs of damage or rust.

You also want to think about your needs. Is the trunk large enough for your kids soccer gear? Can it handle your guitar amp? Think about your monthly routine and whether the car you’re looking at can meet those requirements.

However, aesthetics and cargo space aren’t the only things you should be checking during your test drive. Try using a test drive checklist to make sure that you cover the most important components when you get to the dealership.

4. Know the Value of Your Trade-In

If you plan to sell your current car when you buy your next vehicle, you might consider trading it in and putting the value toward the purchase price. Using online appraisal tools like Kelley Blue Book and Auto Trader make it easy for drivers to get an approximate value for their trade-in.

Want to increase the value of your trade-in? Get the Trade-In Checklist by clicking here.

Keep in mind, however, that these are only estimates and the actual value of your car will depend on the person appraising it. Larger dealerships tend to offer higher trade-in values since their access to tools and parts helps to cut the cost of servicing the car to make it ready for resale.

5. Ask About Warranties and Trial Periods

It’s hard to know everything about a used car before you buy it, so it’s nice to have the reassurance of a manufacturer warranty. As we mentioned earlier, certified pre-owned vehicles typically come backed by a manufacturer warranty covering the major components. But what about the used cars that aren’t certified?

Some dealerships may offer short warranties on their used cars, which could include a trial period for you to test the car and exchange it for another model if you change your mind. At Norm Reeves Honda Superstore Cerritos, our 5-5-5 Used Car Protection Plan provides drivers with a five-day trial exchange period in addition to a five-month/5,000-mile warranty. Look to us to find your next used car in Cerritos, CA!

Ready to Buy a Used Car?

If you follow these tips, you’ll be sure to avoid buyers remorse when you purchase your next used car. If you’re ready to start browsing for a used car or if you have any questions about the information covered in this post, contact us at Norm Reeves Honda Superstore Cerritos. We’re proud to be a reputable used car dealer serving the communities of Cerritos, Long Beach, and Los Angeles. View the areas we serve for used cars!

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