Price Protection

It's no surprise that the Norm Reeves Honda Superstore in Cerritos earned the status in 2013 as the #1 Honda Dealer in the USA. From both near and far, the only Honda enthusiasts not making this dealership a destination to purchase their new Honda are the ones who haven’t yet heard about Norm’s outstanding Price Protection Guarantee. Quite simply, it’s a guarantee to every person that purchases a new Honda at Norm Reeves that, should the car buyer find the same new Honda for less money within 5 days, Norm Reeves will either pay the difference or buy the vehicle back – customer’s choice. That’s right! This first-class dealership stands behind its pricing, its product and its profession. The dealership doesn’t simply say it, it guarantees it.

No matter how much due diligence today’s car shopper does – whether by reading expert and consumer reviews, test driving top contenders or talking to specialists—there’s always a lingering thought that remains in every car buyer’s mind after purchasing a vehicle: “Could the same vehicle have been purchased for less somewhere else?” Thanks to Norm Reeves, that stress-filled thought that makes many new car buyers toss and turn at night is completely eliminated.

In today’s competitive automotive market, that type of customer-centric guarantee is (almost) unheard of. What dealership would risk that kind of potential problem? What dealership would stand behind its pricing and its service and allow a car buyer to return a car 120 hours after he/she has purchased it? Norm Reeves.

This price protection guarantee creates a wonderful win-win situation for both the Norm Reeves dealership and the customer. Should a buyer want to return the vehicle because he/she found the same Honda somewhere else for less money within 5 days, it’s okay. The buyer will walk away with a renewed respect not only for the whole automobile sales industry, but also for the Norm Reeves dealership in particular. In addition, if the customer finds the same Honda for $1 or $2,000 (or whatever amount) less, it’s okay. Norm will pay the customer the difference.

While this price protection alone ought to be enough reason to purchase a Honda at 18500 Studebaker Road, there’s more. From sales, financing and customer service to their state-of-the-art Service Department, every component of this integrity-based dealership is founded on the belief that quality of sales and service beats quantity.

As a result, they're #1 in sales.

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