See what our Yelpers have to say...


Kristofferson D.

El Cajon, CA

Professional and courteous salesmen and finance person that I dealt with. My experience exceeded my expectations and I definitely would recommend this dealership and Danny Atienza to friends and family members. Thank You Danny Atienza for my new 2015 Honda Accord!


Jenn L.

Long Beach, CA

We love working with Jose Bolivar! Honest and friendly ... I can't ask for more from a car sales agent. Our family purchased/leased 5 vehicles from Jose. Thank you for the great service!


Tak S.

Los Angeles, CA

It's a great services from Susanna Yim. My sister just got Honda Accord Sport from this dealer. We get a good deal from Internet Sales Manager(Susanna). We are really happy to work with her such as exchange email, text and phone call. She responses our questions very quick. If I need another Honda car, I will get it from this dealer.


Luke M.

Anaheim, CA

Just the thought of going through the sales process for my first new car gave me butterflies, but this experience turned out so much better and stress-free than I expected! I ended up at Norm Reeves because the fleet pricing I got through the AAA website was actually the same or better than 2nd tier quotes from other dealers. I was relieved at that, but even better was working with Lore and Tom Simons, who made me feel like I was just talking with family! Lore talked me through everything, and I totally felt comfortable and confident talking about pricing and what did or didn't work. I never had to push for anything because it was like she knew what I wanted even before I said anything. Tom made sure I was set up and comfortable before I left the dealership. Lore and Tom made it an enjoyable experience... Something I never expected.


Monica N.

Los Angeles, CA

This review is beyond overdue! I had a very pleasant experience with Susanna Yim! She was attentive to my needs and expectations. In addition, Avery in finance was flawless, thank you for making that part less stressful/overwhelming!


Mike P.

San Francisco, CA

After reading reviews online about Susanna Yim on yelp and hearing many positive recommendations we decided to contact her to purchase our new Honda Fit. I can honestly say that we were not disappointed. She was timely/prompt with her online Communication and after several email exchanges we were able to reach what I felt was a deal we were happy with. It was not the lowest offer we had but she did everything she could to get us the best deal that she could and went out of her way to meet us on our terms. When we came in to meet her and finalize our purchase she was friendly, professional, and straight forward. Exactly what I had hoped for. She didn't pull any dirty moves and made fort the most pleasant purchase I could have hoped for. I will definitely be back to purchase another car from her. Asher fort is in and out of the dealership within two hours and that was after we had top wait 20 minutes for financing. We had Frank Wong? in financing and he was delightful and friendly and listened to our needs and addressed them without wasting our time. Very pleased with his service and would very much recommend him. Thanks to both of you for making us very happy we made the right choice.



Los Angeles, CA

First, the negative (just so you know this not a phony rave, which I hate) -- the customer parking area is very tight -- try to bring a small car, not a truck, on a busy weekend. Now, the good news: we got a better than average price on the car, and the whole transaction was relatively easy. We chose to work with Phil Byrd in the Internet Sales Dept. -- this is the second car we have bought from him. He has been with Norm Reeves for eight years, which is a very long time in the car business, so you know he knows his stuff. We feel were treated fairly by Phil and that we received a more than acceptable deal. Phil walked us through the transaction, negotiated with management and completed the deal very competently. We would strongly recommend that when you call the dealership, ask for him specifically -- he is a pro. Very friendly, knowledgeable, and efficient.


Victor C.

Westminster, CA

I was on the market for a 4 door sedan , stick shift preferably but didn't want to sp. I ended up getting a 2015 Honda Accord Sport in its 6 speed option. Susanna Yim, who is a Internet sales lady was very thorough. She was very helpful and she even went out of her way to get my car that I wanted. I was there for a total of at least an hour. Very fast, in and out also done with finances within 10 minutes. I really recommend her, she's out going and knows her stuff. Thanks Susanna. I love the accord !!!


Elsie M.

Los Angeles, CA

Super happy we came here got a great deal and had an awesome salesman! Sonny wu is the best!! I love my crv Sonny made sure I left happy and satisfied with my car! I highly recommend Sonny Wu!


Heather B.

LMontebello, CA

I am 100% satisfied! They work with you to help you out as much as they can. I want to give a special thanks to Marcus, Aj, and Avery! You guys really helped my family out and I want to thank you guys very much! It would have not been possible without you guys. Marcus and Aj did the best they can to get us a good deal at a price we can afford and got us a car we are comfortable in driving. They are very nice and helpful and they truly care. They work with the customers. I don't have one single complaint about our purchase. Our whole time being there was great they treat the customers with care. In the finance department Avery helped us, he was very nice and helpful. He has lots of patients and is very calm. Overall we are completely satisfied with our purchase. I would most defiantly purchase a car from here again!


Brett S.

Vista, CA

We drove from Oceanside to lease a CRV, because the 'LA Times' advertised a great lease, much better than we could find in San Diego county. I was hesitant, because we had an old truck to turn in, and we were driving with a newborn. I did not want a 'bait and switch.' I was very pleasantly surprised. We worked with Hamid and Dan. Both were very honest, and with no pressure. The whole process was relaxing, and the deal was much, much, much better than anywhere else, LA or San Diego county. We highly recommend Norm Reeves Honda Cerritos, and plan to get our next car here too.


Carmen G..

Norwalk, CA

Devon Fields was the one to help me with my vehicle. I am happy with my car and the service that was given to us during our time here. Devon not only helped me with my car but he broke his back to make sure that I got an amazing deal on this car. Honest, committed and kind. Finance department: Joe and George, thank you for being amazing as well. You guys are all great.


Kyle M.

Alondra Park, CA

DI was in the market for a new car and was looking for a 2014 Civic EX-L with specific interior and exterior colors. I decided to ask my local DCH Gardena Honda dealer if they could find the car. Sales guy said there were only 3 left in California and he had the car driven to the dealer. Came in the next day to begin negotiations and brought in many different quotes. One of them happened to be for an EX-L, although not the color I wanted, at Norm Reeves. So after he wouldn't budge one bit, I called Norm Reeves and spoke to Jackie B. She was telling me that she could beat Gardena's out the door. I told her I was looking for the Civic in a specific color and she said there were some there, but they were the Navi models. Then, still over the phone, she told me to leave Gardena because she could get me an amazing deal for the Navi, not as cheap as the base EX-L, but only quoting me $300 more. The difference in MSRP between those two models is around $1500 so I was very skeptical that this deal would be true. After once last push to the Gardena sales guy,I knew it was done with them. Drove to Norm Reeves and this was one of the best buying experiences I've had. Jackie was amazing. All my doubt about the car and quote turned out to be false. She threw in the Protection Package at no extra charge and was nice enough to buy my dad and I some fruit from a vendor at the dealer. Test drive was great and informative, and financing was a breeze. The car was very dirty when I drove it, but they did clean it before I left. A wonderful 1 hour experience at Norm Reeves ended a pretty rough day (4 hours of negotiating at Gardena). I would also like to add about my after purchase experience with the dealer. Because it was getting dark by the time I left, I didn't get a great look at the car to check for scratches. So the next day, I saw many scratches on the sides and front bumper. Terry B. did a great job to get the scratches buffed out. Only thing was they promised my car would be washed, but it wasn't. I had to wait extra time picking up my car so they could take it through their car wash. It didn't come out very good as the windows were streaking and the car still had buff marks. But I let it slide. Thanks Norm Reeves!


Timothy L.

Granada Hills, CA

Just a note: I never write Yelp reviews (this is literally my first one ever). However, this one really deserves it. From the moment me and my girlfriend stepped into the store, we knew that the people here cared about more than just simply selling cars. They care deeply about making every customer feel respected and at home. We were helped by Javier and Kevin on two separate occasions, and both were extremely kind and straight forward. Kevin's the guy we ended up finalizing the deal with, so most of this review will be based on our experience working with him. When it comes to negotiating, I'm the type that fights for every penny (a.k.a. I'm Asian). So when it came to getting a good price on the car, that was my #1 priority, even if it meant I had to be obnoxious and demanding. Yet, even in the midst of all that, Kevin (and even his manager!) stayed polite and courteous, being understanding at every moment. Now that I think about it, the negotiations alone took 2 to 3 hours! Yet, Kevin was extremely patient with us the whole time, and made a strong effort to reach a deal that would make all of us happy. Now, of course, being kind and courteous is part of their jobs. That's what salesmen do. They're trying to get the most profit as possible. If they didn't have that mindset, they probably shouldn't be working there. But I think what sets these guys apart from the rest is that they really hold fast to the motto, "The customer is king." You could just sense from the people and the atmosphere that this is a company that cares about every individual that walks through their doors, with or without a purchase. I'm sure there are some dealerships that give off a really sleazy vibe, looking at their patrons as if they were dollar signs. This one is not one of them. Now for those of you who are only looking for the details about money, we got a better deal here than anywhere else offered. We checked all the sites (True Car, Edmonds, etc.), and even went to a couple other Honda dealerships, and nowhere was the price as low as what we were given here. We walked away from our purchase very happy. So, great service? Check. Great atmosphere? Check. Great price? Check. Great perks? Check. It's got them all. If you want to get a Honda, come shop here (and ask for Kevin Harris!)


Rameez K.

Fountain Valley, CA

I went in to look at cars, I didn't think that I would be able to afford one. But I was wrong. Sam Sultan Ahmed helped me through the whole process. He made it very easy for. He didn't take too much of my time. There have been so many times where I walked into a dealership and the car salesman takes forever in trying to negotiate a deal. Not with Sam. He cut right to the chase and helped us get a new car. I came in not feeling like I could afford the accord I wanted, but he made it happen. The icing on the cake was that he was able to find the exact color of the car that I wanted. I think the best part of Sam was that he was dedicated to get me into a new car at my convenience. None of the time consuming part of buying a car. He just showed us what he could do, and he did that. We told him our situation and he worked with us. In short, I want to thank Sam and Adil Khan for helping us through the whole car buying process.


Christine K

Torrance, CA

This review is about our salesman Kan You at Norm Reeves Honda Superstore. We visited once to test drive a 2014 Civic and he was very kind, informative without being overwhelming, and very patient. We had been looking at Toyota, Nissan, Lexus, Hyundai, Kia, etc. and while we did have other nice salesmen, none were quite as nice as Mr. You was. We received one phone message from him after our first visit and it was just a "thank you" for coming in and allowing him to take us for a test drive and letting him show us the Hondas. Other salespeople gave us the typical annoying hard sales pitch in person and in phone messages. Even their managers called and left annoying sales messages instead of just nice, professional callbacks like Mr. You did. We returned a second time and took another test drive and ended up buying the car from Mr. You. We highly recommend him. You won't get any negative attitude and even the deal-making was no stress with him. He was just the best salesman we have ever had buying any car ever! He did everything right. We would have purchased a Honda no matter what after all of our test drives, because it was the car we wanted, but we could have bought one near our house instead of 19 miles away. Mr. You is the reason we bought from Norm Reeves and not from our local dealer. After our purchase we called a few days later with a question about the car and he picked up the phone right away and answered it for us. His service continues after your purchase.


Jenny N.

Alhambra, CA

Came in with my brother with my mind set on a 2014 Civic LX. Amid, Ed & Frank W. did a wonderful job helping us and was able to work some pricing with us to help me with financing my first car for a reasonable price! Thank you all. I went to another Honda Dealer and felt really bombarded by the other staffs but when I stepped into Norm Reeves, everyone was really friendly and I was helped immediately by Ed. Maybe because we had a mindset on the car and he did asks if we know what car we wanted, so he went straight to helping us with the pricing- no need to sell us any other car that we are not here for. I like how Ed is very straight to the point and not sugar coat anything. Frank W. was helping us with the financing paperwork and he did a wonderful job explaining everything to us. He is very precise and thorough with everything. Thank you! Before driving out the lot, Ed once again showed me all the options that was in my car and how to use them. He made sure I had enough knowledge about the car before sending me off. Thank you! I had a wonderful experience at Norm Reeves and drove out the lot satisfied with EVERYTHING.


Karina D.

Los Angeles, CA

My cousin and I came in to look at the 2014 Honda Civic EX. We had a set budget in mind and Sam Ahmad kept working with us until we were satisfied with the deal. Sam Ahmad is not the typical car salesman. His main goal is customer satisfaction and not how much commission he can make. He was very professional and friendly. In a matter of a few hours, my cousin was satisfied and made her FIRST CAR PURCHASE!!! Thank you Norm Reeves Honda Superstore Cerritos. You have an awesome employee!!!


Ashley L.

Corona, CA

I went in on Tuesday and had Brian help me. We looked at a couple cars before I decided on the one I wanted. It was the easiest car shopping experience ever. He wasn't pushy like other salesmen. He was right to the point and very funny! He made this experience easy. Thank you for the quick and easy experience!



Orange County, CA

One month later and my parents are back at Honda. This time my mom is purchasing a car. She called David Llamas (the guy I bought my car from) and made an appointment w him. He asked her what she was interested in. She told him what car and that she was deciding between 2 colors. When she showed up for her appt....both colors were parked right out front side by side so she could compare them. Wow....I was totally impressed when my mom told me about her car buying experience. Work with David....he's very knowledgeable....not pushy....extremely patient. Once again...outstanding customer service!!


Lindi W.

Los Angeles, CA

Today, after searching all over the Auto Mall, I decided to buy a new 2015 Honda Accord. My decision was highly influenced by Kevin Harris. I appreciated his honest approach and going above and beyond to help me meet my financial needs. I would recommend him to all my friends and family!


Lauren G.

Placentia, CA

I had been driving my VW Passat for going on 12 years when she finally quit on me. At first I was afraid, I was, no...moving on. I left work down the street on a Friday at around 2:00PM and went to see about leasing/buying a car. Lito (Bayas) was an absolute doll. He made me feel very at ease about the whole process and once I got over the initial nerves I was even having fun. Rich in Finance was a straight shooter and helped me get into a deal that was comfortable for me and laid it all out so that it was clear and easy to understand. Not once did I feel like I was being taken advantage of or given more than I had asked for. At about 5:05PM my brand new 2014 Civic LX was pulled out of being detailed and I was on my way home. I finally had the sense of security and reliability that I had been lacking with my previous car for so many years. Thank you so very much to Lito and Rich for making this happen for me!


Charlie K.

Buena Park, CA

This review may come off as close minded or biased simply because I am writing a review about my dudes Alex in the service department and Daniel in the parts department, I've known them thru the automotive business for about six or so years now? Dudes are reliable and accountable, do not hesitate to see Alex when your Honda needs servicing and please be sure to see Daniel in parts(he knows his shit, pardon my speech). They have both been working there faithfully for many years and I believe plan on staying there, so please give them a chance to earn your business for life.


Jeremiah S.

Aliso Viejo, CA

Norm Reeves Honda, again has followed through. Ramin Rezainejad my Internet Sales Manager provided me the best price in town and in the region after comparing with other Honda dealerships. I had almost bought another brand due to the unreliability of my other car. American Honda and Norm Reeves had worked together to help me out. I do own another brand, and the car is reliable however, not as fun to drive as a Honda. Overall the Sales experience was top notch, with no high pressure or tactics. I had wanted my exact price and interest rate, and I got it with no problems as well as having that car quickly set aside and made available to me. I am very pleased with my 2015 Honda Accord this time around as it is much like my 2005 I had in terms of quiet, nimbleness and hopefully proven reliability. Ramin is a very friendly guy to interface with and approachable when you want to negotiate.


Jessica A.

Downey, CA

So my mom needed a new car stat since her car was crashed into in the middle of the night and was totaled. We have always been a Honda family - so obviously we headed to Norm Reeves. As most people - we all fear dealer salesmen since we fear being pressured into making a purchase. Fortunately for us we were greeted by Luis Gomez from the VIP Department. This nice man did not pressure my mom at all. We went on one day to purely test drive. He followed up with a phone call but his non-pressuring demeanor and approach is what made us go back. He not only made sure my mom got exactly the car she wanted but was also to price match a lower deal I had been quoted. On top of that , he beat the financing deal that my mom had been pre-approved for by her credit union. It is for all these reasons that I highly recommend you going to talk to Luis Gomez if you are in need of a Honda. You won't regret it!!


N W.

Orange County, CA

In need of a new car? Work with DAVID LLAMAS and you are guaranteed to be taken care of. He's not pushy, very patient and super friendly!! The epitome of a "Helpful Honda Man" Hahahha (what my mom kept calling him) Walked into Honda 3 1/2 months ago with my mom. I was browsing for a new car but not ready to purchase just yet. David approached us and gave us the run down on the civic and accords. He was very knowledgeable! I don't know anything about cars but he made everything easy to understand. After the information overload I picked the one I was most interested in (Civic EX) and we took it out for a test drive!! Last weekend....we headed back to the Honda dealer. By this time I'm about ready to pull the trigger and buy myself a new car. My mom asked me what the guy's name was that helped us before but I couldn't remember. She was already at the dealership w my dad waiting for me to meet them but wanted to give him the sale so she went back home to go look for his card! Haha That's how good David is!! Since the last time we came in his little brother also got a job at the dealership. They told my family they "work as a team and help each other out". So it's like you get double the amazing service!! That evening I ended up buying my car. Thank you to David Llamas for helping me with my first car purchase, for following up to make sure I was completely happy with everything and thank you for the overall OUTSTANDING customer service!!


Andrea B.

Carson, CA

Awesome service!! Our sales person Sonny was the best! Very helpful and informative. Best experience I've ever had purchasing a car. Once again Sonny Wu took very good care of us. Such a friendly and helpful sales person. He truly is "The Helpful Honda Guy"!


Andrew K.

Gardena, CA

After endless hours of researching/negotiating for a price on the internet with other sales people, Susanna Yim (Internet Sales Manager) was able to give me a no-hassle bottom line pricing which was more than reasonable. Susanna is friendly, knowledgeable, experienced, and most importantly; straight to the point, unlike some other sales people with their dirty sales tricks. I would highly recommend Susanna Yim. She gave me a stress-free car buying experience. All car buying experience should be informative, pleasant, and trustworthy. Susanna met and provided these requirements which every buyer must receive. Thank you Susanna Yim!


Erin H.

Los Alamitos, CA

Robert Villarreal is the one and only reason as to why I bought my car here. You can also thank him for turning what once would have been a negative star review into a 5 star. Being a 19 year old female, I can see why a car saleman might not take me seriously in their mind, but my stature and age does not warrant outward disrespect. And that's exactly what I got from Sam Alhafni. A serious car buyer is a serious buyer! He was so disrespectful in an aspect ways, enough to make me vow to never come back to NRH Cerritos. I was PISSED. I eventually found my way back to view a specific color of the 2015 FIT, and that's when I met Robert. He was so sweet, attentive, and informative all from the start. I dealt with 8-10 different dealers, and he was the only one I felt I trusted enough to buy my car with. He made the process simple, easy, and did whatever he could to accommodate whatever doubt or issue I was having! Not to mention he got me the best deal out of anyone I had talked to, which was A LOT. Robert, you are AMAZING! Thank you for making my first time buying a car waaaaaay less scary than I had thought it would be!!! :)


Pat N.

Rowland Heights, CA

Second time at Norm Reeves - first was an Accord and was pleased till I sold it. Having gone thru many cars in my lifetime, I just did not want to hassle with retail negotiations. So the Internet being the information king, decided to try out Internet sales. Having a BMW leased last year, we were just looking around and I remembered how Norm Reeves made the Accord purchase such a breeze, so I decided to come in and see if they were the same. Without making an appointment, we just walked in and asked for Allen Nouri who contacted me via email. Allen without missing a beat, said, no problem but did explain that he was taking care of a return client that was buying 2 Hondas. He made his time available to me even though he was juggling another sale. Allen is very good at multi tasking and handling the details. So this time, I originally wanted a used Pilot thinking depreciation would be my friend, but Allen explained the benefits of a new over a used - especially a Honda due to it's high resale values. Found out a better deal to be had for the outgoing 2014 model instead of a used model! He showed us many Pilots - used 2014, new 2014, and new 2015 and then stepped us into the one we really would be happy with - not just shove us into one like other sales people are known to do. He took the time to let us make up our minds. Showed us the numbers of leasing versus financing and helped us with pros and cons of each. Being in sales in the past, Allen surely knows how to qualify, upsell, and make the transaction painless. Very easy to negotiate with - the easiest every time so far with this dealership. No games, no switches, no closers, no sales managers in your face, nothing but simplicity. Except for the finance part which took the longest and didn't get out till midnight. That part should be more finely tuned like what BMW does with their clients - the client advisor would have all the forms ready with the finance person together and skip the finance office altogether. Family, friends, and co-workers were amazed at the deal Allen gave me! I encourage anyone looking at any Honda - new or used - see Allen.


Cindy G.

Staten Island, NY

The salesman was very knowledgeable and friendly. Extremely approachable. Will refer my friends to Mr Rivera (Juan)


Wendy J.

Walnut, CA

New car purchase! Make sure you check prices online (do your research) and when you get to Norm Reeves Honda, Cerritos, ask for Jeff Aoki! He's the best to work with! No pressure, no hassle, no bull-ish. After meeting with Jeff, I went to a few other Honda dealers to try to get a better price --- but no deal! In fact, the other Honda dealers left me feeling guilty, pressured, and sad. However, every interaction with Jeff left me with a pleasant, optimistic feeling. If you're in search of a Honda, ask for Jeff. You can't go wrong!


Eric P.

Los Angeles, CA

The service department is great. I had an issue with my power steering hose leaking. Even though I wasn't covered under the recall, I received a warranty discount that was more reasonable. I just want to say many thanks to Jorge and Rick, service advisors and Christina, service manager. They all went above and beyond to make me a happy customer. Again thanks to all.


Chelsea M.

Downey, CA

I've stopped by after purchasing a Honda because Mazen was very helpful. A very nice man. The negative comments about other employees are shocking. I think this is the Best Norm Reeves Honda in the Orange County. My dad was even satisfied when Mazen came to help. Very happy. Thank you Mr. Mazen


Abdullah A.

Los Angeles, CA

I bought a new 2014 Honda Accord and as a first time buyer I am a very happy customer. I want to thank Shawn Shahnawaz for helping me throughout the whole process. He was very professional, helpful and easy to talk to. I would definitely recommend this dealerdhip to all my friends and family.


Christina D.

Long Beach, CA

I had a really great experience at norm reeves with my maintenance and oil change. Jennifer was amazing; she was easy to work with, funny, kind, and very clear in her communication of services documents etc.


Miriom D.

Long Beach, CA

Wow. I'm surprised to see all of the negative reviews. Granted it is a car dealership and that's a negative in my book no matter whose it is. However, as car dealerships go, this one has been GREAT. I'm on my second car from this location. When I bought my current car, my sales team (Mr. DeSilva and the "money" men) bent over backwards to make it all happen for me. Shortly after my purchase, Mr. DeSilva called to check up on my satisfaction, and just last month, on the 1st anniversary of my last purchase, Mr. DeSilva called to say, "Happy Anniversary". I've made regular trips (for routine servicing) to the service side, and with my appointments, they have been super professional, courteous, and helpful whenever I've had a question. I've seen and been at a few "bad" dealerships before. As a single woman, I've felt the negative vibes from salesmen who treated be like crap. So believe me when I say this is a "great" dealership. Is it possible for them to have an idiot or two working there? ABSOLUTELY! However, whenever I have a negative experience (that has nothing to do with my own negative situation/circumstance, and is truly "bad business practices", I call it.


Lynne B.

Redondo Beach, CA

I had a wonderful experience purchasing a new 2014 Honda Civic at Norm Reeves Honda in Cerritos. My salesman was Bryan Kerr and he found me the perfect car at the right price. Everyone here is so helpful and accommodating and made my car experience very pleasant. Also a shout out to Finance Manager, Ramzi, who helped ease the financing process! You guys are the best!!


Cristina L.

Whittier, CA

I came with my sister for her to buy her first car. Little did I know I was going to walk out with one myself. With the help of Peter Balint I was able to trade in my Civic and get my beautiful pearly white 2014 Honda Accord. He was able to add free oil changes along with the deal. So far I am pleased with my purchase and with the assistance I received. I hope all that was said is honored. So far so good!


Dev R.

Long Beach, CA

Great car shopping experience here with Ray. I decided not to purchase a Honda, but if I would, his service would have made the difference.


Ashley P.

Buena Park, CA

A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!!! Kim Kelly is the best!!! Friendly, helpful, knowledgeable!! I have never owned a Honda. This being my first, I was a bit scared but everyone I've talked to says they are great vehicles. I'm very fortunate to have done business here. I purchased a 2013 Chevy Cruze on 1/31/13. At first I LOVED IT... Then I started having issues with it and then the multiple recalls started showing up. So recently I thought if it's possible to get out of my purchase into another purchase or lease for the same payment I'm making now, then why not? So I did exactly that!!!Honda civic sedan ex 2014 in modern steel!!! So INLOVE with the vehicle and the handling is impressive. My Cruze transmission jumped a lot and didn't pick up speed very well. The Honda continues to amaze me. Lease/3years/15000 trade paid off/no money down!!!!I'm a happy woman! Wonderful customer service, I was in and out in about 2 hours maybe less!! ;) Thank you Honda I will get back for sure!!! Kim is the BEST!!'


Delmy A.

Sun Valley, CA

I must say the staff is all about customer service! I was lucky enough to be helped by Christian Delgadillo who literally spent the next couple of hours helping me with everything I needed, thanks to Murat! For quick paperwork!! I am happy I have the car that I wanted thanks again!!


Jeffrey B.

Buena Park, CA

First I want to say that Honda guys at Buena Park are not helpful at all. We went to Honda Buena Park to see our option w my current car and what is in store for us. The person at Buena Park said "we are not a bank" and walked away. So we decided to go to Norm Reeves Honda at Cerritos and immediately we were greeted by David Llamas. Good guy easy to talk with and he understood what we wanted to happen. He gave us ALL THE OPTIONS THAT ARE POSSIBLE TO WHAT WE ARE LOOKING FOR. Got out of the dealership drive a Honda Pilot!!!! No hassle no arrogance and just excellent costumer service. Of course thanks also to George For making this happen. Highly recommended.... Ask for David and he will hook you up.


Sherry T.

Fountain Valley, CA

Upon arrival, my Service Advisor, Kenny Tran, was professional, attentive to my needs and very efficient. I have never had superior customer service at any other Honda dealership prior to this experience. The work was completed in the promised timeframe and I was provided with an accurate quote. I will definitely be returning to this dealership and to Kenny Tran for all my service needs.


Nquyen P.

Westminster, CA

What can I say my first car buying experience was awesome!! Sonny Wu is the best sales person. He's down to earth, funny, friendly, and helpful. This was my first time buying a car on my own and Sonny helped guide me through the whole process. In the end he gave me the best possible deal out there. I really recommend him to anyone who is looking for a Honda. Know the name Sonny Wu! Ask for him and I guarantee you won't regret it!


Megan B.

Downey, CA

Norm Reeves was awesome! My boyfriend and I were both looking to get into new vehicles and this place sure did deliver. We visited a total of 5 dealerships...and none were able to work within our budgets. Norm Reeves worked their magic and were able to get us both into new 2014 Accord and Civic with a great monthly payments. Peter B. was extremely professional and never to pushy even after turning down a couple offers. Up until the time I drove off the lot he was always near to reassure everything was taken care of and we were satisfied! Excellent job NR Honda...hope the Service Dept. is just as good!


Carolyn E.

Whittier, CA

I just purchased a new accord here. The salesman made me feel like family. It was a great experience!


Gabby R.

El Monte, CA

I got my new Accord here 2 weeks ago and I love it! Diego Cruz was awesome! He helped me with everything and got me through the process quickly. Great experience from this dealership. Thank you!


Lauren D.

Lynwood, CA

I went to the dealership to verify what was told to me at a different auto shop. After having my car checked out by Honda they found that nothing was wrong with my vehicle. By getting a second opinion from Honda I saved a lot of money.


Edna, L.

Lakewood, CA

Purchased a vehicle recently and would recommend Moises Rojas. Great customer service and will work with you to get you a great deal. Great work Moises!


Brenda, B.

Long Beach, CA

I started my shopping experience on Sunday Mother's Day with the help of Sam sultan. He was very friendly and knowledgeable about the cars we were looking at. He wasn't too pushy either like some of the places we had gone to. Very patient with my boyfriend and I since we couldn't decide between an accord or a civic. We left the center because we weren't on the same page but ended up coming back in evening with a decision. All the staff was great and we really appreciate they stayed very late on a Sunday night so we could get our new car. Thanks again Sam Sultan and Avery from finance dept!!


Ali, M.

Long Beach, CA

I wanted to give a quick shout out and a huge thank you to Shawn Shahnawaz and Ramzi Maymoun. I came to this dealership to buy my very first car ever and these two were very patient with me and answered any questions I had, and let me tell you I had a lot! Most women are nervous to go to a dealership by themselves, I included, but I had no choice but to use my own knowledge through it all. This already was a concern for me walking into this dealership but luckily, these two did not take advantage of me although I was a woman and I am just graduating college, so I am a "youngin" as well. Not only were these two men very helpful, but anyone I had came across who worked for this dealership was very attentive and friendly themselves. The customer service is great and this Honda dealership has a lot to offer. I recommend to anyone, if you chose this dealership which you should, to first ask if Shawn is working to help you find a great car that fits with your budget, but especially if your worried about getting taken advantage of. He did not take advantage of me, and I’m sure he will give you the same service. Also, ask for Ramzi in the finance department to finalize everything for you. He is a great person, will answer any questions you have and find you the best deals.


Steven O.

Irvine, CA

I was going to get into a long story but I did not know where to start, it was thee best auto buying experience I've ever had, hands down. Moses and Jorge were great salesmen and well people too. They honestly negotiated with us and did not use any tricks or sales tactics. When we reached an impasse they allowed us to nicely walk away. They even tried to catch us on the way out and gave us a final deal. We passed just to make sure we got the best deal by checking other finance avenues. Alas it was the best deal available and when we returned after a couple days they honored the last deal offered. It was 0 hassle and 0 waiting. The finance guy was great too, really funny and personable. They were helpful just as the commercials promised. We felt 0 pressure and actually it was fun. We knew we were getting a good deal and they never tried to take it from us. It was an honest and professional transaction. I highly recommend stopping in if your in the market for a car, give Honda a chance to earn your business they deserve it. Oh we bought a 2014 Honda Accord coupe and absolutely love it....thanks Norm Reeves for flipping the once feared auto sales experience and making it enjoyable.


Marliz, G.

Huntington Park, CA

I bought a car 6 months ago and I made the mistake of going to Nissan .... don't get me wrong I love my Nissan Maxima but the experience was a pain. So it six months later and I decided to get another vehicle, the boyfriend and I decided to go with a lovely fuel efficient Honda Accord. And I must say they did everything but roll out the red carpet. It was the best car buying experiences ever. They really worked with us and with what we were willing to pay. And the people who worked there were extremely nice and funny. Loved the experience and especially I love my new car.


Irene, P.

Irvine, CA

If I could give more than 5 stars, I would, because JEFF AOKI seriously made my purchase a breeze!! I did my homework (, Edmunds etc) and went to other dealerships to check out other cars... and you know how it's like if you've ever bought a brand new car, getting out of there without someone running your credit or making you feel guilty for not buying a car is nearly impossible. I knew the price of the car I wanted to get BEFORE I even walked into the dealership because I had been emailing with Jeff ( and believe it or not, his price was BETTER than and I was happily shocked!! Jeff got the model and exact color combination I wanted and I got my car that evening!! There was no haggling and no stress... just the way it should be. It was easy, breezy!! Oh!! Rich from finance is also a great guy to deal with... as a first time buyer (buying by myself and no help from dad) he made the process so easy and not so intimidating!! He really worked with my budget and I was able to add GAP and the alarm system for the monthly price I wanted!! I really appreciated his help!! I'm very happy with my purchase and I definitely recommend everyone to hit up Jeff for your Honda needs!! You guys are awesome!! -Irene and Quorra (2014 Honda Civic EX)


Marina F.

Bell, CA

I am super happy with my 2014 Honda Accord Sport. Everyone was very nice and helpful. Peter my sales man was awesome. He didn't have a problem when I couldn't make up my mind on what model I wanted to test drive first. Not even when I couldn't make up my mind on the color. He was very patient!!! I will be coming back for sure to buy my sons car :)


Hossein A.

Cerritos, CA

Buying a car from Peter was very good because he was understanding and showed us the right car from the beginning and he was very courteous and understanding! I am glad that we stopped by norm reeves Honda!! He said that he was a new guy at this dealership and loves what he's doing! I will recommend him to all of my friends and family because the good service that we received!! Thank you and we love our new accord!! The Ashari Fam.


Cindy H.

Westminster, CA

This review is way long overdue but I just want to say Sonny Wu is my man! He took care of us when we were buying a Honda Accord for my sister. It was late night and you know the drill at the dealership, who can hold out the longest for the best deal and then we end up being there till the next day. He was haggle hassle free! We were in and out with the car happy. I've referred so many of my friends and family to him and ever one of them were happy, definitely worth the drive away versus the Honda world down the street from us.


Fonzie L.

Huntington Park, CA

Great help, good experience, was fast on my service, trust worthy, offer to take me anywhere with their shuttle while I waited, I will go again on my next car services Ill recommend n ask for Christian customer service, he'll answer all your questions and break it down to you so you could understand.


Jazzy V.

Whittier, CA

Ty is the SWEETEST salesman ever!!!! Sweetest man! He is extremely helpful and super friendly and kind! Just a very very humble and caring man. He really went out of his way to assist me in buying a car and always kept in contact with me whenever he had any new information on the car I was looking into buying, since they didn't have one at the lot yet. He had suggested a couple other cars for me to check out and I test drove them, but those weren't up to par with what I was looking and waiting for. He called me the second they had one in stock so I could go test drive it. The second I heard it turn on, I loved it! It was a great drive and fun, too. He then went over payment options with me and said they could finance me w any amount I couldn't come up with, even though I was already pre-approved. However, the thought of having to pay two different parties because I'm poor scared me out of any deal I would make! :/ The treatment I got here was outstanding, nevertheless. And I'm so happy to know that someone so humble and helpful could be in this business, and that I was fortunate enough to have his help through what would have been a stressful process! Thank you so much, Ty!!


Gena L.

Huntington Beach, CA

I lease all my Hondas here and deal with Laurie Simon. She always does such a great job making you feel so comfortable. LOVE LOVE dealing with her such a professional.


Cheech A.

West Covina, CA

Went out looking for a trade in at this location, and at first was looking for a accord to fit in my budget. Came across Roberto who was my dealer, helped me out on their wide selections of cars. Ended up getting the civic ex l. Roberto was very kind and patient with my indecisive self. Helped me crunch in numbers with my purchase and came up happy and satisfied. Would refer family members and friends. Ask for Roberto he was awesome and helpful.


Ryan B.

Los Angeles, CA

Very good experience buying a car. Ricky Yee was very accommodating and patient with the buying process today. He was not pushy and was very helpful! Would recommend asking for him in the future, compared to the usually "sales" people here!


Nicole B.

Whittier, CA

My sales person was great Jose Sanchez. The gentleman in finance was awesome also. Overall great experience.


T K.

Long Beach, CA

Exceptional services from Kan You and Kevin Harris. We got Honda Civic at the price we can afford. Highly recommended.


Graciela D.

Norwalk, CA.

I would recommend anyone here. I love their customer service and how they are very helpful and customer oriented. My sales rep name is Diego Cruz and he did the best job ever in getting me into what I wanted.


Helen C.

Buena Park, CA

Susana Yim is the best. She did her best for fast work processing and nice explanation without any pressure. We can get the best price without any pressure for CRV EX 2014. We dropped this dealer without any reservation around 7:00am. At first sight with outside salesman (Harrington? ), it was really bad experience. His attitude was so rude and he looks like a high-pressure salesman. So I requested the other person. The other salesman was Susana Yim. Because of her, it was excellent experience with this dealer. Thank you~


Julian C.

Harbor City, CA

EVERYTHING!!! shopped around at other dealerships and was even turned down and insulted at another store because of my poor credit score. The kind folks at Norm Reeves Honda were very understanding and helpful and were able to get me into my very first car! I am very pleased with the help from Jeff Aoki and Ziggy Estrada from finding the right vehicle to getting me the right price and even dealing with my indecisiveness. Very Pleased with my experience!


Russell K.

Torrance, CA

Had a wonderful experience at Norm Reeves Honda. Just purchases a 2014 Honda Accord EX from ALLEN NOURI. Allen was GREAT to work with. A++++. He made a normally stressful process COMPLETELY stress free. Great email communication, phone communication when needed, flexible, great overall buying experience.

The finance guy FRANK WONG was also great. Not pushy or over aggressive at all. He got me through the process quickly and painlessly.

Overall I had an excellent experience here and will be back next time I need to buy a car.


Irene M.

Long Beach, CA

Will only do any deals with Mr Rafael Messen. Even in the past when a different sales rep would offer to show a car, I'd politely say I already have a preferred sales person. Mr Messen treated my father and I like family the times we visited. He made my transaction as smooth and as quickly as possible and made sure I went home with the right decision. Avery (the finance guy) also gave me advice on how to improve my FICO score and was also quick and not pushy at all, great team!


Racquel B.

Long Beach, CA

Just what we were looking for! Great customer service and good prices. Jorge Ruiz helped us get the car we wanted according to our budget. Thanks again!


Johnny L.

Westminster, CA

Just bought a new 2014 Accord coupe from her, and let me tell you man was it awesome! The service was great, originally I was just shopping at the time and Kim Kelly was the person to help me. Man was she great, she took the time to crunch some numbers with me, played out all possible options, and even worked outside of work to answer any questions that I randomly popped inside my head. Overall it took my almost a week to decide, and Kim was there to help me decide the whole way. We walked through all the paperwork, she went down every single detail to make sure i was fully comfortable, test drove the car (breaking down every cool features about the car) and once everything was set we went to the financing department. From there she handed me, told them exactly what I wanted and they went to work with the data entry. Everything was fast and efficient, couldn't ask for better service. Once that was done and my car was washed and detailed, Kim took the time to once again run down the car with me, helped me hook up my phone showed me everything needed to know. Had to walking out with a big smile on my face! I would definitely recommend this place, and of course recommend Kim Kelly for anyone who is even remotely considering to purchase a car. 5 STARS FOR YOU! :]


Bob B.

Long Beach, CA

Tom and Lore Simons are the very absolute best people and salespersons. We came in at 8 pm, Saturday, March 8, just as they were about to leave. Because the car we wanted was a one-of-a-kind used car, they stayed an extra 3 hours, until 11 pm, to help us complete the purchase. The 2008 Odyssey is a gift from God to us. Tom and Lore are the greater gifts from God to us. We love our new car! Thank you, Tom and Lore, so much. Ramzi was excellent and efficient in processing the financing and contract. Zero complaints. Only praise for them!


Lavi C.

Long Beach, CA

Took my brother and my dad car shopping here last Saturday and Kan was our sales man! He was very helpful not pushy at all! He gave/showed us all of our options... Answered all the questioned we asked. Long story short we left with a 2014 crv that day!!! Thank KAN!


Jonathan C.

Downey, CA

Just purchased a 2011 Honda civic from here and love it. Special thanks to Diego Cruz and Christian Delgadillo for helping through the car buying process.


Ed N.

Cerritos, CA

Number 4 vehicle from Norm Reeves Honda in Cerritos. Edgar Sanchez helped me get the vehicle I came in for. Excellent service, pricing and overall professionalism provided. He is on a great team with AJ Jindasa and highly recommend going to see him if you are in the market for your first or next vehicle. All of this is complimented by their excellent service team to help you maintain your purchase and are open 7 days with great hours and service options. Norm Reeves Honda in Cerritos is my first choice.


Ken B.

Rosemead, CA

Before I continue with my review, my first purchase here was exceptionally amazing mainly because of the sales agent, Edward (Not a pushy guy, do your research and and determine how much you'd like to spend to negotiate. Also, he's not the Internet sales guy.) and the credit agent, Andrew (credit guru!). I hope management sees this review and praise Eduardo and Andrew. I came here with my pops to check out the CPO Accord Coupes and we were greeted almost immediately by Edward. First impression with Edward is that he seems to be a honest guy and isn't looking to play you like a fool to make a quick buck at least I hope I didn't drive off as a fool. We test drove the dark grey coupe that was in pristine condition with decent mileage. Ice-cold A/C, cruising down Studebaker and Palo Verde was definitely relaxing. Great feeling, nonetheless. Once we got back to the dealership, we sat down and discussed some numbers. After several hours of going back and forth with the pricing, Edward and I finally reached an agreement on my new car. Next step, we waited at the credit department patiently as Andrew was crunching up the numbers with my payments/apr/total cost including fees-tax-interest rate. Andrew was definitely an experienced veteran and made me feel welcomed. He's also got some good sales traits as well since he convinced me to purchase the extended warranty- which is highly recommended as transmission/engine repairs cost more than $2,000, easily. I am certain that the warranty is worth it in the long run as major repairs are around 90k-95k miles and I hope that they will cover their end if I ever needed their service. All in all, the process of trading in my car for a CPO Accord Coupe was a great experience and I would definitely come back here or refer friends/relatives to Norm Reeves Honda Dealership. I was in and out within 4 hours. Again, I hope the management team reads this review and give a quick recognition to both Edward and Andrew. As long as they continue to provide great customer service, I will continue to be their customer.


Kate H.

Buena Park, CA

This review is soley for Honda’s certified cars. I've been shopping around for a used 2012 Honda Accord coupe. I've been to several other dealerships and didn't feel comfortable with all the sleazy salesman and their sales pitch, walking out disappointed. Sunday rolls around and gave this dealership a shot. Went in to just "shop" around, not intending to purchase a car that day. Nick Pin approached us while browsing the lot and was very helpful. You got the vibe that he was genuinely a nice guy. After test driving the vehicle I had my eyes on, we approached his office to see what deals he can make for us. After going back and forth from his office to his managers, Nick gave me the best offer out of all the bogus offers I've been offered previous days. His team was easy to work with and listened to every need and concerns I had. On top of my great deal, they even told me they'd buff my car for me for free to take out any scratches that are on my new car (which is VERY minimal) Again, thank you Norm Reeves Honda for another satisfied customer!


Lil L.

La Habra, CA

This review is for a Certified used Honda purchase process ONLY. After searching on Craigslist and going to several other Honda dealerships, I made my way to Cerritos' Norm Reeves Honda for they have a wider selection of the models I was looking for on their lot. After researching on Cerritos Honda Dealership's website for the car models, Carfaxes for each, and obtaining financing from my bank, I was ready to make a major car purchase for the new year. My salesperson, Sam Sultan, approached us as we searched for the used car lot. After hearing about the specific models we were looking for, Sam directed us to the cars that we wanted to specifically look at. Sam was very polite and gave us the time and space to explore, checking in with us occasionally to see if we needed anything (+2 stars). We asked to test-drive two vehicles and Sam was very patient with us during the entire car selection and test-driving process (+1 star). When I found "the one," Sam spoke with Rich Fisler, the Finance Manager, and helped me obtain a lower financing interest rate that was more competitive than what my bank had offered (+1 star). Rich patiently answered all our questions while processing the finance paperwork (+1 star). We were very happy customers when we left the dealership after closing the deal. I recommend you to seek out Sam and Rich for a great financing deal if you already know what price range and car models you want to purchase.


Vanessa M.

Carson, CA

Prices for service can be pricey but I love the warranty that comes with it. I never have a problem setting up appointments and I love the shuttle transportation. I can get dropped off at the mall while I wait for my car to be ready. I bring my car in for any service that I need. The only thing I disliked is that I bought a 5 year protection plan when I bought my car for dents and scratches and when I took it in they couldn’t fix all my dents because they weren’t part of the plan. Overall though I love this dealer.


Jim S.

Huntington Beach, CA

David helped me consider side curtain airbags in my next purchase and I really appreciated that. He was a great asset to my rush in having to buy a new vehicle given that my old one crapped out. Although I went with a 4Runner, David did a great job showing me around the Pilot. David made me a fan of Honda!


Adarsh K.

Costa Mesa, CA

To start with, I would like to mention the name of the Internet Sales Manager name here , which is Susanna Yim. She has been very nice and truthful to me throughout my car search process. Actually, I started inquiring for 2014 Honda Accord in the month of October 2013, with around 7-8 dealers. Out of 7-8 dealers, I would rate Susanna as number one in terms of replying and clarifying my queries and all of her help. She followed up very nicely and made sure each and every query has been answered. Actually, for some reason, I bought a different company car but I think my research helped my good friend. Hence, we planned to visit Norm Reeves Honda, for his car purchase. Everything went pretty smooth. Didn't take much time at all. Within 3-4 hrs , we were out of the lot.There was time where I had to cancel my appointments two times, and Susanna took care of it very nicely. I can understand that in this competitive world, she must be very busy as well and she accommodated each and every request of mine very nicely.I would strongly recommend to contact Susanna Yim if someone has to pursue their car purchase here. Thanks Susanna and Norm Reeves Honda for your help !!”


Mitch E.

Los Angeles, CA

I was referred by a friend and I got a great deal on a new Accord Sport. The customer service was very good and getting a quote directly from the internet sales manager (Susanna Yim) on a lease was amazingly fast. At other dealerships, I had to hear long and drawn out speeches and questions from sales reps before I could get a simple dollar amount. (Not to mention waiting for them to talk back and forth with the fleet manager). But with Susanna you get to bypass listening to all the sales-gimmicks and instead get honest figures quick. Norm Reeves also has excellent variety because their inventory is usually very big.


Paula H.

Long Beach, CA

Being at Cerritos Mall, we were bored and decided to go to the dealers to ASK about their college grad programs. We got kicked out of the VW dealer for asking too many questions. We drove up to Norm Reeves Honda because my boyfriend loves the new Civics. We were greeted by Shawn who quickly led us inside because it was freezing out. We told him our intentions were just to ask questions. He was a very straight forward guy. He told us the best option would be to lease the car and he could check out my bf's credit to see if it would work. Well it didn't work with just his but because I have a car loan, we were able to lease the vehicle with me as a co-lessee. We got there at about 8 pm and the we were out by about 11:30 pm. I didn't mind because I know the process can take a while. Since it was so late, Shawn introduced us to Brian who would deliver the car to us and to Kevin in finance who would go over the contract with us. All I can say is that all three of gentlemen are awesome. Shawn was respectful and straight forward even after he found out I worked in the car industry (for a very short amount of time) which I usually don't mention because the sales people usually become rude. Anyway, Kevin explained the lease to us and it was all very clear. Brian delivered the car in the cold weather and even helped us pair up my bf's phone to the bluetooth. I got to drive it home and it is an amazing car. Management if you are reading this, know that you have a very strong sales person, Shawn, a GREAT new finance person, Kevin, and another great sales person, Brian. Thank you Norm Reeves Honda! We will be back in about 2 years ;)Oh and to VW, as she says in Pretty Woman. "Don't you guys work on commission? Big mistake. HUGE! lol"


Paul M.

El Monte, CA

Of all the dealerships I spoke to/visited prior to my purchase, Norm Reeves had the best deal, by far. One of the other Honda dealerships was referred to me by a friend (who isn't a salesman) that works there, and even they told me they can't beat Norm Reeves' price after I told them what the quote was.I originally dealt with Kendra the first time I visited. She was very professional and never pushy. I didn't make a decision that day, but Kendra was very nice about answering all my questions through phone and text for the following few days. (mostly text) I did a little shopping around but still ended up going back to Norm Reeves. Too bad Kendra had just left for the night when I went back for the purchase.Good thing Sam (Sultan) was there to save the day! It was pretty late at night on NYE so I believe they were closing early, and it was the last day the promo I wanted was valid. After telling him that I've been dealing with Kendra and what I wanted, he immediately went to work and brought me out to the lot to see if we can find the color I wanted. They had the exterior color I wanted but not the interior. So after checking the computer, Sam located the exact color combo I wanted and drove me to their offsite lot several blocks away. It was a huge hidden lot. Seemed like “it was at least as big as 2 football fields lol. We located the car and brought it back to the main lot. Sam definitely went the extra mile to get me what I wanted because he could have easily told me that all the available colors are out in the main lot. I would've just settled for one of them if he told me that, but good thing he didn't! Anyway, the rest of the process (application/finance) was painless enough. Sam walked me through it. I'm def a satisfied customer!”


Arturo M.

Wilmington, CA

By far one of the smoothest transactions I ever made. We had a bunch of questions, and the salesman Kyle was very patient, very helpful and it was a pleasure to buy a car from him.i will definitely be going back, or recommending this place to a friend, at the end of the deal, Jojo was awesome, they always try and upsell you and as expected he did, but as soon as I told him I was not interested, he said "ok" and there was no pressure at all after. If you are looking for a car, go here!


Roxy E.

Long Beach, CA

I went to Norm reeves for my second car purchase and meet with Allen Nouri my salesperson?He was so professional, and have me the service you only expecting in high end dealer ship?I refer him so far 2 of my friends and they had the same felling about the total operation ?He is more than a family to me than a salesperson


Cindy M.

Pasadena, CA

If you read my previous review you will see that I went to Pasadena Toyota to help my brother get a car. Long story, but we finally got him a car here at Norm Reeves Honda in Cerritos! My sales lady was Susanna Yim :) She is knowledgeable and also a women of her words. We had agreed on a price and when I arrived that was the price I was given. She made the buying process simply and treated us well. I was in and done with finance all in about 1 hr. I would refer Susanna to anyone who is looking for a nice and sweet sales person to help them with their car buying needs.


David T.

Irvine, CA

Purchased a 2013 Civic. Emails with Kim Lujan were quick and responsive, and our visit with Jeff Aoki made the whole transaction pleasant and efficient. He was very helpful and patient in finding us the exact car we wanted.



Cypress, CA

I was shopping for a new hybrid and a friend referred me to Ty Trieu.I made an appointment with Ty to test drive a CR-Z. He was friendly and accommodating without being pushy. I was quoted a great price, below what was listed on Edmunds.I was very satisfied with my experience shopping at Norm Reeves. Ask for Ty if you're looking to buy a Honda! He'll take care of you.


Lady L.

Orange County, CA

I HAVE to Yelp about my experience because it was unbelievably good!Everything from the oil change appointment phone call to the actual service was superb. I was able to get a lunchtime appointment for the next day (pretty cool, huh?) and when I arrived, I pulled up to a group of friendly, professional staff members. They got the ball rolling right away, and left me with an EXCELLENT representative--I wish I would have gotten his name! The facilities are clean, and there is a small play area for kids. This was especially great because I had my antsy 1 year-old with me. My hubby picked us up for lunch first, and about an hour later we returned and waited another 30-45 mins. for the car. Not too bad--though I wish it would have been done quicker--ONLY complaint. I'll definitely return to service my 2013 CRV. The price is $50 vs. Jiffy Lube's $70, and as stated above, the experience makes a world of difference!


Cris S.

Carson, CA

Received EXCELLENT service from a nice gentleman. Thank you Kan You for teaching me how the interior feature of the car work. My monthly payments worked out great with no money down. i appreciate everything you’ve done for me!I love my new civic lx :)


Jeah T.

Gardena, CA

I only write reviews when the place is either really good or really bad. In this case, my husband and I had a wonderful experience shopping here... All thanks to PAUL DILLMAN for helping us get an awesome deal on a 2013 Pilot Touring. My husband and I had a lot of "requests" and he did his very best to make all that (was possible) happen. He also threw in some accessory freebies that made us very happy! I don't have to know him personally to know how much of a hardworking guy he is.. Very friendly, very professional, and customer service was top-notch! I would totally recommend him to everyone!I also would like to mention Avery Richey from Finance who gave us really good advice and hooked us up with the final pricing with the added security and warranty features that we wanted for our car. He is just as awesome as Paul is!Review on the store -- Way better than any other car dealership I've ever been into. The place is super clean and all the staff there are nice and friendly. Their waiting lounge is also nice and clean. They even have a small section for kids. Free coffee and wi-fi too! I'm glad we had a horrible experience at the DCH Honda in Gardena coz we never would've ended up here at Norm Reeves Honda Cerritos.We are very happy and satisfied customers! My parents-in-law are planning to purchase a Honda Pilot after Christmas and we are definitely sending them here!If you want to have the best car buying experience, request for Paul Dillman and when you're ready to close the deal, talk to Avery Richey. You won't regret it, I promise!



Llano, CA

I love Norm Reeves Honda! More so, my salesperson, Kim Kelly Lujan!! I was referred to Norm Reeves by a very good friend. I was in need of getting out of the lease I was in, as well as getting in to a larger vehicle. I was particularly interested in a Honda Odyssey. Kim and I talked over the phone about my needs and she made me feel totally comfortable from our initial conversation. I visited her at the dealership and she really took great care of me!!!! Kim does not have that typical "salesperson" approach that people are already primed to sense when they enter a car dealership. She put me totally at ease and I felt that Kim did everything she could to get me the best possible deal. In addition to her "no nonsense" approach, she is very personable and a complete joy to work with. I am extremely happy with my new 2013 Honda Odyssey!!!! I would recommend anyone interested in purchasing a vehicle to go see Kim Kelly Lujan at Norm Reeves Honda in Cerritos! It will be well worth your while, no matter how far away you're coming from!! I consider my experience at Norm Reeves one that I will happily tell my friends about. I look forward to returning to Norm Reeves (and Kim) for my future auto purchasing needs!!! Thank you!!!!


Bill D.

Bellflower, CA

So sad that my 15 year old Honda Civic has given up the ghost, but so happy I went to Norm Reeves and met Moses Rojas. I walked in Moses introduced himself and asked if he could help, I said I was interested in a used Civic, and Moses took me right to them. No pressure to buy something new, or get 'add ons' I'm not interested in... and I found my New(ish) Honda Civic. Pristine, immaculate, and far above other used cars in the market. The rest of the process was a breeze all the way through financing and driving home in my new EXL. Thanks Moses and all of the Norm Reeves staff!


Mark D.

Norwalk, CA

NORM REEVES HONDA!! I feel like screaming that company name after leaving that place with a brand new 2013 Honda Civic. Not only did they make it possible for me to get a brand new car after a low credit score but their service was quick and easy. I felt comfort throughout the whole process. I have traded in my 2005 c-dan with a really nice 2013 Honda civic lx. Special thanks to my sales man/possible maker Sam Sultan and his big boss Mike and the financial jojo bayas! You all brought joy to my day. I see myself with this car years and years from now! Thanks again and I would gladly refer my friends and family to this place!


Joanna K.

Anaheim, CA

My 3 year term lease, with Hardin Honda of Anaheim was coming to an end to do 7/27/13. I was completely anxiety ridden, as I was told by the fleet manager at Honda Anaheim, that they no longer wanted to do business with me as I was late # times in the 3 years due to extreme hardship. I tried Westminster Honda as well, and received the same response. Being a single Mother of 2 teenagers I was getting ready to face the fact of public transportation. I gave it one more try at Cerritos Norm Reeves Honda. When I arrived immediately, Kevin Harris, came to meet me. I was treated with nothing but courtesy and respect. Kevin Harris, made the entire process easy and quick. I drove away with a 2013 Honda Civic within 3 hours of arriving. Kevin Harris has been an Angel to my children and I, by providing a vehicle for us. If every other professional entity in my life was as kind, courteous, and helpful, as Kevin Harris, I would not have any problems. (Imagine????) :):) Thank you so much Norm Reeves Honda!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Tee N.

Carson, CA

Came here and was helped by Darrell. Great service! He answered all our questions and made everything very fast n simple. We drove the car off the lot the same day. Will recommend Darrell from norm reeves Honda to all my friend and family


Kristin S.

Fullerton, CA

Very pleased with Norm Reeves after helping my Mom negotiate a great deal on her new 2013 Civic. When she decided that she wanted to go with the Civic, we started our search at Honda of Pasadena and were greeted with AWFUL, rude, dismissive service by Juanito when we asked if he could match an online deal we'd found. When he rudely declined to even consider the price we had in mind, we promptly stood up and left. We started looking up some other dealers and came across NR. Jeff, one of their Internet salesmen was awesome on the phone and happily matched the price we had seen at another dealership. No hassles. Then, once in the finance office, the experience just kept getting better. Dan was not only polite and friendly, but was a genuinely interesting and thoughtful man. It took some negotiating, but Dan actually also got my Mom's interest rate down from 2.9 to 1.9, which we were very happy with, and didn't shove the warranties down our throats. We actually had so much fun buying this car that I might consider a Honda for my next vehicle just so we can hang out with Dan again. Awesome service and my Mom is thrilled with her car.


Sharifa, S

Irvine, CA

Norm Reeves superstore was one of the most pleasure car sales experiences I ever had. I had the most kind professional salesman ahmed sharaki. He was honest not to pushy and really forward with my car buying experience. He made it very easy and if I had the opportunity I would choose them all over again they are the best. Thank you ahmed sharaki and Norm Reeves for your professional staff !!!!


Kathi M.

Garden Grove, CA

A huge thank you to Kim Kelly for helping my husband and I get our awesome 2013 pilot touring! Definitely will be back when it's time to buy again.


Jonathan S.

Carson, CA

Came here and was assisted by Darrell. He was extremely accommodating and helpful. Got everything handled within a few hours and Darrell even got the car washed and detailed while we were finalizing everything and drove the car home that same day. Will recommend norm reeves Honda & Darrell to everyone I know! Thanks!!!


Tee N.

Carson, CA

Came here on 8/3/13 looking for a car and Darrell helped me look for something I wanted even though it wasn't a Honda. I went on a test drive with Darrell and it went smooth. He also assisted me with any questions or concerns I had and had the car washed and detailed for me to take home. He had great customer service and I was very pleased with the results. He also helped me with all the necessary paperwork. I would recommend Norm Reeves Honda to all my friends and family and will advise them to see Darrell! Great JOB!


Any T.

San Gabriel, CA

My internet sale manager (Allen Nouri) did a fantastic job. In and out within 1hr including financing paper work. It was an excellent experience and will do business here again.


Elham T.

Laguna Hills, CA

We got our new HCRV Honda from Norm Reeves. Our salesperson Allen Nouri was great. He made this process so easy and was able to answer all of our questions and explain to us how everything in our new car works and helped us through the financing process. We have bought more than new cars in the past few years, and we have never had a more pleasant experience than we had at Norm Reeves with Allen. Thank you Allen. We will be seeing you when we are ready to get our daughter's car.


Ali B.

Tustin, CA

Ty True was the best Internet sales manager. He made an impossible deal possible for me. I wish all the sale managers would be as helpful as this individual. I truly recommend everyone to get their next car with his help. :)


Joseph S.

Los Angeles, CA

Just bought my 2013 Honda CR-V from here this week. We're extremely satisfied with our experience here. Our salesman, Ty Trieu, was very easy to deal with via email before we walked in. He was able to not only match our competitor's quote, but beat it. He also informed us that the color we wanted was unavailable at the time, but he made sure that one would be available by the time we got to the lot. Once we got to the lot, everything was fast and easy... just how it should be when buying a car. The whole team at Norm Reeves was great. Highly recommended.


Faith G.

Long Beach, CA

Recently leased a 2013 Honda Civic from Rob Evans at Norm Reeves Honda. He was very helpful and patient in explaining all of the features of the car and the pros and cons of leasing vs. buying and not at all pushy like most other salespeople I have dealt with. I would recommend this dealership and Rob to anyone looking to purchase a Honda.


Kevin H.

Lakewood, CA

Buying your first car is always a story people tell dispassionately, mostly because their first experience with it is not always a happy one. Norm Reeves Honda flipped that story for me instantly. As a first time buyer, you want a car immediately, no matter the terms. Everything sounds appealing and affordable. Earlier in the day my brother and I went to Kia, and lets just say my first experience negotiating a deal wasn't so great. After agreeing on a verbal deal, they backed out. So we went across the street to Honda, who were exponentially better in how they want to sell you a car. Everyone greets you, always with a smile. They ask you if you would like a beverage or snack and immediately go to get you one. I met with both Jackie and Daryll, and both were very immediately helpful and knowledgeable! Each were interested in helping me pick the car I wanted, showing me multiple cars that had what I wanted. The overall service I received was wonderful and I will definitely be coming back for service or for when purchasing a new vehicle. I whole heartedly recommend Norm Reeves if your looking for a great deal on great cars!


Leann S.

Irvine, CA

So yesterday I went to look at some cars not ever imaging I would leave the lot with a new 2013 Honda Civic. But I did thanks to a salesmen named Eddie Arteaga. This guy is truly awesome. He's not your typical pushy car salesman. He really wants to help you find a car that suits your needs but most importantly that you can afford. The experience was chill, as if you were hanging out with a friend. So if this helps any future customers I would recommend going to Eddie Arteage, he is a great salesman.


Chelsea M.

Buena Park, CA

My dad took me to Norm Reeves Honda Cerritos and surprise me by letting me get a new Honda. We met with Mazen Abdeh who told me all about the new 2013 Civic and the features. He made sure I knew everything about the car I wanted to purchase and that's all I needed. With the help of Mr. Abdeh I got the car I want with no regrets.


Marlene C.

Lakewood, CA

I have bought several new cars here..............the process is always long and tedious, the same everywhere....the prices and choices of vehicles are outstanding.


Taney D.

Rosemead, CA

This is as good as it will get! I don't know how it works if you purchased your car elsewhere; but if you bought your car here and have work done on it, you are taken care of in all aspects. I went in to replace my Sun visor and ended up having my rear control arm replaced, all wheel computer alignment, fluids topped, battery checked, brakes checked, car washed. All this was done for free except for the visor part. They are truly amazing!


Jeff H.

Huntington Beach, CA

First I should say that I'm in the auto biz and am not easily impressed when it comes specifically to dealerships. The good ones are few and far between, and Norm Reeves is a good one. When my son recently got his license and was in the market for a used car, he found one he loved at Norm Reeves in Cerritos after a month of searching. Since I had previously bought a new car at their Huntington Beach location (and had it serviced there exclusively over the past several years), I felt confident in dealing with them. I was travelling and therefore unable to be present when the deal went down (grandma and mom had to go with him), but had no problem working with the sales and finance teams over the phone to reach a great deal. The sales manager even went over the car himself and assured me the car had no prior paint or collision repairs on it (as I found at other dealerships, you can't always believe a CARFAX report ). Once I got home and was able to see the car for myself, I was not disappointed. The car was as described, flawless. Bottom line... this dealership is easy to work with and performs it's duties with care and integrity. I strongly recommend Norm Reeves Honda!


Taz G.

Huntington Beach, CA

I was not here to buy a vehicle, I came for a car show that was put on by the dealership. They went out of their way to make us Toyota / Scion owners feel welcome. Provided us free lunch and some great prizes for the charity raffle. I live in Orange County but I would have to say it would be worth the drive to San Diego to purchase a car from these guys. The customers that were waiting in the service department had nothing but good things to say about their experience here. They also offer a free oil change, well buy one get one free. If I lived in the area that would be a great deal. I could do my iQ and the wife's Camry at the same time. Wish some of the dealers in the OC would run this kind of a promotion. Thanks for a great time guys!


Char K.

Chula Vista, CA

I went to this dealership for the first time on Saturday, June 29th, 2013 because of a car show they presented, I was quite impressed! Being a native San Diegan, I'm not sure why I have never been there before. Employees there were friendly, professional, informative and allowed you to look around at the car inventory without being jerks and the car show was fun with a raffle, good food and an awesome show of cars. Nothing negative here that I experienced!


Diana O.

San Diego, CA

This dealership was kind enough to host the first annual SD Supras Car show and made it an awesome one. I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one looking forward to what they will do next. Aside from the car show, they also have a good group of guys that were very professional and customer service friendly. The waiting area for when you're getting your car serviced was nice as well. Big screen TV, nice couches, and an awesome bathroom!


Jason S.

Clairemont, San Diego, CA

This dealership is awesome! They hosted a sweet car show for the 20th anniversary of the Toyota Supra. They provided free food, drinks, and even provided giveaways. They did all the grilling too! Cars were $1000 off for the show. I would definitely come here again, and especially if I wanted to purchase a car or truck. Extremely friendly staff! ! Go there now!



San Diego, CA

Attended the car show on Saturday, June 29th and had a great time!!! The Toyota staff were very friendly. Because of the car show, I am now having both my cars serviced here...


Alfredo B.

Chula Vista, San Diego, CA

One of the best looking Toyotas in San Diego. I went there for the first time and they had a car show with older Toyotas and Scions. What can I say, You can't beat free food and drinks with great prizes. So far my experience there has been great. I can't wait for the next show. Hopefully they offer the same discounts when I am ready to buy my truck.


David E.

Las Vegas, NV.

I am most pleased with your sales dept. person Jeff. He restructured my payment plan to fit within my new financial position Thanks Jeff. Dave E


Levvi M.

Leeds, AL.

The owners here are great people. They always help find the exact parts I need, and have great customer service. Don't be afraid to visit this establishment!!


Dante M.

San Diego, CA

The parts department is the greatest. They helped me locate hard to find parts or discontinued parts for my Supra


Cora B.

San Diego, CA

I've done business with this dealership twice: once to buy my first car (used 2009 Camry) in 2011 and again this week to trade the car in for a brand new 2013 Corolla. Both visits were an absolute pleasure and calmed any fears/nerves I had about buying a car. The staff was amazing! They listened to everything I said I wanted and kept working with me to deliver that wish list within my budget (and I was asking for a lot). I never had any problems with the used Camry that I bought, but I wanted to trade up with a lower interest rate since I had developed a healthy credit score in the two years I had the car.

In my more recent visit I worked with Karen Habermeyer. SHE IS THE BEST! I got a better deal on the trade-in than I ever thought was possible. Not to mention that I couldn't have asked for better company and conversation while the manager was crunching numbers for us. When I went into finance to finish the deal, Tan Nguyen (who I also worked with when I purchased the 09 Camry) made the deal even better.

Overall, I felt so welcome at this dealership and I can't wait to go back when I'm ready to make another purchase. Thank you Toyota for two wonderful experiences! :)


Craig H.

Santee, CA

My wife and I just stopped by on a whim to check out the difference between a Camry LE and XLE Hybrid since we'd been to several other dealerships and no one seemed very clear on it.

We met Tom Modica who easily answered every question we had. The other dealers had not been to open to making us any kind of deal so we assumed that San Diego Toyota would be the same so we politely thanked Tom for his time and said we'd be back for the model year end sales. He smiled and said "Well, it is Fourth of July and we're having sale, lets see what we can do for you". He and the manager went all out to make us a good deal, knocking several thousand dollars off an already nicely priced XLE Hybrid and getting the price down to what we felt comfortable with. Since we hadn't planned on buying a car that night we hadn't brought our trade in with us and, honestly we hadn't bought a car in 12 years and were a little stressed. We wanted to check on insurance rates and run some numbers on our own so Tom graciously wished us a good night and said he'd be there when we were ready. We went home, checked things out, liked what the numbers like and went back the next day.

Tom gave us the same price as the night before so we are now the very proud owners of an excellent Camry Hybrid XLE.

We are delighted with the professionalism and patience we experienced at ?San Diego Toyota and would recommend it to anyone interested in a straight talking dealership.


Eric R.

San Diego, CA

I always go to this Toyota for Parts. I have received nothing but the best customer service. I always purchase my parts for my supra here and the guy even gives me a nice discount each time!

Kaz M.

Long Beach, CA


I've purchased 4 new vehicles in my time and been present at 3 other purchases, and this was by far the fastest and most painless dealer I've been do. I went with my friends as a kind of support person because they had never purchased a new car. In my most recent experience with Hyundai down the block, it took 3 hours just to trade in my car and sign the paperwork (car was already purchased by my credit union on my behalf, I just had to pick it up and trade my old car), so I advised my friends to eat before because we might be at the dealer for a long time. I was very surprised at how fast the entire process went. It took about three hours for almost the entire transaction. My friend ended up picking up the car the next day, but for the most part all the paperwork was done, he just had to pick it up the following day. Nate the salesman was helpful and not pushy, and Rich the finance guy was fast and clear with the contract. A couple things to note: my friend was very organized. He had mostly all his information handy (employer info, ss card, etc.) and he knew what he wanted. Also we went on a Wednesday and it didn't appear to be very busy. Regardless of those factors, the people attending to us were very helpful and not pushy at all. If I was in the market for a Honda, I'd definitely go here first.

Elliot K.

Tujunga, CA


This review is regarding the car dealership. I just purchased my first car and both the sale and finance were great. An efficient, painless, and straight forward experience. Prior to walking in, I had already decided on the model but was unsure of the style (LX or EX) or color. I had an idea on how much I wanted to pay with KBB and the online quote this dealership offered me (which was a thousand cheaper than KBB's fair purchase price).

Nathan was the sales dude and he was great. Showed me the differences of LX and EX and and the various color options. He offered his personal opinions, but never tried to force anything on me. He matched my personality and needs really well throughout the whole experience. I felt like he was reading my mind sometimes. Anyway, the specific color combination I wanted wasn't in the lot, but he had no problem looking it up then picking it up and bringing it over. He also had no problem matching the online quote I got from them. Then we went over to the finance department and Rich took over, he's another great guy. I was kind of dreading this part thinking it'd take forever with lots of haggling but it was actually quite fast and easy. He was polite, extremely efficient, fast, and good at explaining what I was signing. I dragged my feet when I was offered the security detail, but he was patient and objective about it. Other than waiting a bit to see him, the finance process must've been about 30 minutes. I picked up my car the following day, and they had everything ready waiting for me. Turned in the last documents, picked up the keys, Nathan explained the car functions, and I was out in 15 minutes. Overall, great experience, and as far as I know, a great deal as well. Do some research, have an idea of what you want, and go check them out. Good luck.

Noorhee K.

Long Beach, CA


My brother was looking for a new car and after doing fair amount of research, we went in to buy a Honda Accord. Being our first time purchasing a car, we were both pretty nervous. When we went in, we were immediately greeted from the sales guy. The sales guy name Nate and he was very helpful. He didn't try to hassle you to buy more expensive options or anything, just easy going, friendly, very informative, and fast. He matched the quote we received online and was more than willing to show us many different color of the car, even if it meant him going out of his way to find the car from the back and drive it back to the shop. I was very impressed with the finance guy who helped us, his name was Rich. He was VERY VERY fast. Again, informative, and friendly, he broke the contract down so it was easy to understand. But mostly, I was impressed because how fast we was. Once he got the documents, it took him around 10 minutes to call us into his office, and another 10 min to get all the documents signed. We were out of there less than 30 min. The whole car shopping experience only took around 2 hrs, where we were expecting to be more like 5 to 6. I strongly recommend this dealership for anybody who is interested in buying a Honda.

I V.

Los Angeles, CA


I recently purchased my second car from Norm Reeves Honda Superstore. There's a reason why it was the SECOND time around! Their staff and selection is amazing and prices are unbeatable. I scheduled an appointment with Kevin Harris; once I arrived, he was already expecting me and answered all my questions, detailed answers..not just generic "by the book" answers..he KNEW his Hondas! After we came to an awesome deal, he introduced me to Rich Fisler, in the finance department. Rich explained to me all of my possible options, gave me a chance to tell him what I want (not like other dealers, who tell you what they want). Rich took care of me very well and made the contract signing (which can take some time) very accurate, professional and had me leave without a headache. People like Kevin Harris and Rich Fisler make a HUGE difference at Norm Reeves and this will definitely be a reason that I will refer my friends and family to this Honda dealer...even if it's out of area (coming from Hollywood)!

Kevin, Rich, Norm Reeves.....THANK YOU!!!!

I love my new Honda!!!!!

Y K.

San Marcos, CA


I've been meaning to Yelp them for a while but my experience this past week with the service department was wonderful that I just couldn't put it off any longer. You know, good dealerships with honest and genuinely nice people willing to help you and offer you authentic customer service are in my opinion hard to find. Norm Reeves Honda takes the cake on this one for sure. I bought my car from them a year ago, the sales rep was Kim Kelly (I was referred to her by a person where I bank) and she was so honest and kind. I feel that she really did do her best to help me get a great deal. This past week, I took my car in for service because the AC was having some issues and not blowing cold air. I was helped by Maxx Fowler who was so helpful and patient. Sometimes it's just the little things that make such a difference. He made sure to let me know everything that was going on with my car, how long it would take, etc, and even got Honda to get me a rental for a few days while they waited for a part to be shipped in. Also, I had to go in twice because I forgot my parking pass and then my garage door opener. Well, Maxx literally ran to get them so that I wouldn't be late to work. He was just so kind and a great example of 1) the leadership exemplified and modeled by management and 2) the overall pleasant customer service experience you get from the moment you drive up to when you get your car back. I would recommend Norm Reeves Cerritos to anyone any day. In fact I WILL be upgrading with them in a couple of years and referring friends and family. Having had dealt with Toyota's horrible service for many years I'm just so happy with Norm Reeves Cerritos!

Lorenzo A.

Lynwood, CA


This review gets 5 stars for the customer service nick gave us when he first introduced himself till the hand shake he gave is right before we left. He was very energetic and helpful. Explained the differences from each car and helped me choose the car that best worked for me and my two small children. Since the get go nick was there to help me as a first time buyer. Al though I didn't qualify for 0 down he worked his magic and made it happen. Over all I had a great experience and left he Honda dealer with a car I love! I'm very happy with the service and my 2013 Honda accord sport. I left that place smiling from ear to ear!


Whittier, CA


This Review is of the Honda Cerritos Service Dept.

I was helped by Daniel, who exemplified excellent service. He helped me late at night after having my CRV towed there. I am sure he stayed after his shift without complaint to make sure I was taken care of. He was very knowledgeable in the problems my car was having and made me feel that I took my car to the right place to be fixed. I don't normally go to the dealer because I have been afraid of higher repair costs. But after this experience I think I will be taking my car to the Cerritos Honda dealer from now on when repairs are needed.

Kourosh A.

Yorba Linda, CA


I went here looking for a deal on a Civic and they did not disappoint. I actually work at a Honda dealership myself, so I knew a thing or two about the process. But when I went in I talked to Allan Nouri and this guy blew me away. Not only was he friendly and knowledgeable, but he got me a better deal than I could get at my own dealership with employee pricing. He made the whole purchase process simple and stress-free, with none of the tricks I was scared of. If you're looking for a solid salesman, an honest dealership, and of course, the best deal, look no further

Janette M.

Garden Grove, CA


I thoroughly enjoyed my experience. The Manager Danny Atienza was professional and polite, he definitely knows his business when it comes to selling Honda. He is very knowledgeable and willing to spend as much time as we needed answering questions. And the important is everything was completed in a timely manner. Thank you!!!

Angie S.

Fullerton, CA


Tom and Lore are amazing! ! I thought, with my bad credit, that I wouldn't be able to get a car. But those two made it possible with great customer service!

Noel B.

Norwalk, CA


I went to several dealerships in search of a New Nissan Altima, Toyota Camry, or Honda Accord... I had some really bad experiences with Downey Nissan, and Norwalk Toyota, Toyota in particular lied to me and strung my family along for the ride... No class... When I called Norm Reeves in Cerritos, It was like night and day, I spoke to Herb Ratcliff, and from the get go he treated me with the utmost respect and was able to put us in an Accord under the terms we had agreed on... Everyone was very courteous.. If you want a car buying experience where no one is pulling your leg the whole time just to see how much they can get out of you, I recommend Norm Reeves, Herb Ratcliff and the Sales Managers working with him, they got my deal done with no hick-ups... Oh, and the selection of cars is amazing...

Roxy E.

Long Beach, CA


I Highly recommend Allen Nouri @ Norm Reeves. He was upfront, honest, articulate, knowledgable, and patient. I had my smoothest car shopping experience with him.

Eileen M.

Pasadena, CA


My husband and I were referred to Norm Reeves by a coworker who said he had a great experience there. My husband contacted the Internet Manager who referred him to Susanna Y. She was able to give us a great quote via e-mail. We then e-mailed her the color/make/model we wanted. We called her and told her we would be there in about 3 hours. When we arrived Susanna wasn't there but out looking for the make/color/model we specifically wanted! I thought that was great! She was saving us time! We had already known we wanted a grey with grey interior honda accord LX. After about 15 mins, she came in and said she had the car on the lot and showed it to us. We then started the paperwork! Susanna Y. was making everything easy, fast, and efficient. We also had a trade-in that day, and she was able to get Norm Reeves to price match our quote from Car-Max. Once all the paperwork was done, she brought us over to the financial department. She had the car ready to go once we were done. All in all, we spend about 2.5 hours at Norm Reeves. Susanna Y. gave us the same exact Rock Bottom Lease price she offered in her E-mails. She stayed with us throughout the entire process. We bought this car on Memorial Day weekend and she has since contacted us at least 3-4 times to make sure we are happy with new accord and to see if we had any questions. We will for sure go back to her any time we need a honda!

Peg L.

Salem, NC


I recently moved to California and decided not to bring my old 2000 Camry over from the east coast. I opted for a Honda at many friends' recommendations, and after researching online, I knew that I wanted to lease the Civic EX in red with no extra bells and whistles. I worked with Kim K. and James C. I had spoken with Kim before on the phone and had let her know which day I'd be coming in, so I was a little surprised when I showed up and she passed me on to Jamie because she "was working with another customer" (and what am I, if not a customer?). Jamie was very nice, and he took me to the lot to show me the exact car I was interested in. He answered all of my questions, and we went for a pleasant test drive around the block. I was interested in seeing some of the other colors and the LX out of curiosity, and Jamie was glad to take me around the lot to let me look. At this point, I was pretty set on the EX, but I wanted to think about it one more time, so I told Jamie I'd give him a quick call when I get back from a coffee run. When I got back, I called Jamie, but no answer. I went to the front desk, and they informed me that Jamie was away or off or something, so they called Kim instead. As I was standing at the front desk. Jamie hurriedly walked past, and, thinking that he was coming in place of Kim again, I started asking him questions. He got me the VIN number of my car for the insurance company, but then he said he had another customer and left me at the front desk. Then Kim came and got me, and we headed back to work on the paperwork. She was very thorough in explaining to me what the paperwork/signatures were for, and she was very patient in answering all my questions. I felt comfortable disclosing to her that I had little experience, and while I was nervous, I was also excited that things were coming together. She got me a final number that I was happy with, and we went over to finance where I worked with Murat T. He was a very jovial guy, and while he did suggest some extra stuff (security alarm and something else, I forgot), I politely declined. He seemed a little disappointed, but he didn't have a bad attitude or anything like that. A bunch more signatures later and I was out at my car with Kim again. She walked me through how to use all the new features of the car, and I really, really appreciated this. I was glad she was there to help me add all the speed dial #s and adjust the radio stations and teach me how to use my car! This was definitely the most enjoyable part ;) Overall, I'd say it was a positive experience for a first-timer. I was very cautious, and I made sure to do a lot of research ahead of time. I decided to go to this particular Norm Reeves because of recommendations from my friends who'd been around the area for 10+ years and who have chosen this dealership for all their Honda needs. I'd definitely recommend this dealership!

Nancy S.

Los Angeles, CA


I bought a CR-V EX this weekend. My salesperson was Brian Chen and he was very no nonsense and didn't put any pressure on my to buy. He was open to negotiating. In Finance, I worked with Peter Tanius, and he was helpful, friendly, and honest. My whole experience couldn't have been smoother. I was happy with Norm Reeves when I bought my Civic in 1998, and I'm even happier with them now. Great place, great people.

Tamanna R.

Long Beach, CA


I just returned to this dealership after having my car for ten days and having the alarm system Rich sold me malfunction twice. The alarm technician Martin was very kind, and quickly fixed the issue. (It was going off and blaring while I was driving my car - very embarrassing to drive all the way to the dealership with it doing this!) However, after talking to another woman who was there for the 4th time in a year for the exact same issue, I spoke to the finance guy Rich to see if I could just return the alarm. Having not wanted it in the first place, I was pretty upset it had malfunctioned twice already and even more upset when I was told it definitely could not be returned. Despite the fact that I wasn't being the nicest person at this point, Rich still went above and beyond to check out the alarm system with me, show me how to adjust its settings, look for the alarm technician again to assist me, and offer me a free car wash (which I refused, because hey, that car is going to spend the vast majority of his life WAY dustier than that, he's gotta toughen up now if he wants to make it with me...) Rich stayed calm, positive and made jokes despite my ill humor. SO, despite how mad I am at myself for buying an alarm system I don't need, that is already giving me problems, still gotta give this dealership, and Rich, five stars for great service!

Kenneth L.

Gardena, CA


My wife leased a car this past weekend and it was such a great experience! We were in contact with the Internet department prior to coming in and already had a good idea of the model we wanted. This entire process went extremely smooth as we agreed on the final cost of the lease rather quickly (since it was such a good deal)! With the help of Linda and Jose, most of the paperwork had already been typed up and ready once we got to the store. We were treated really well in the store and they even made sure that we knew how to use all the car's features before we drove off. This is actually our second time getting a car at this location, and we've had no complaints at all. This time is definitely no exception! The best part of this entire experience is knowing that we got such a great deal AND we were out of there in less than 2 hours!

Laneshia S.

Long Beach, CA


I wasn't even looking for a new car but thanks to the 'free trade in value' that Chandika De Silva gave me when I took my old car for a service I am now the proud owner of a fully loaded 2013 CRV EXL at only .9% financing. Eddie Artega, Chandika De Silva, AJ Jinadasa and the man that took care of my financing (don't remember his name) were all very patient and nice. They took the time to explain the process and functions of the car and let me make a decision without being too pushy. I think the VIP group at Norm Reeves is the way to go if you want to buy. Very accommodating and gave a great deal. I was in and out of there relatively quickly considering. Big thumbs up. Alicia Stamm.

Ryan C.

Los Angeles, CA


I just bought a 2013 Accord LX here on this Wed. I love the experience with Jeff Aoki. I previously sent in a quote on their Website. I requested the OUT OF Door price. And Jeff sent me email, and the price was $300 more than my request, which I am ok. I know the Accord is more Value than Camry, which I have been used. What attracts me is the Price. Great Price for my deal! I scheduled the appointment with Jeff. When I arrived with my wife, and asked for Jeff. He gave us a warm welcome, and get down to business. Took him about 20 minutes to finished the paper work ( I emailed him all the required information before I got there), and then turn me to the finance guy to finished all the paper work. Love the car! Will come back again!

Jonathan B.

Glendale, CA


I recently purchased a 2013 Honda accord lx-s coupe. My salesperson name is Sonny Wu and he was great. Helped me get the best deal after negotiating with him on how much I wanted to pay and got the deal. I totally recommend this guy he is awesome and very friendly. You can tell he is there to help you get the best deal and not get ripped off. If your planning on buying a car call the dealer and make an appointment with Sonny Wu, I promise you won't be disappointed and I'm loving my car.

Earl M.

Brea, CA


My wife and I went to Norm Reeves Honda in Cerritos over the Memorial Day weekend hoping to find the car my wife had been wanting to buy for the past 2 years, the "New Honda Pilot". As we walked in, a gentleman greeted us with a big and warm smile on his face. He introduced himself as a VIP Representative and his name is Chandika De Silva.

My wife gave the specifications of the car we are looking for. It was not easy because as most customers wanted, we wanted specific color, interior, accessories, etc. but at the same time it needs to come with a "good price". Chandika was very helpful, he assisted and showed us everything we need to know without showing any impatience through out the day. He made sure that we are driving home the car we wanted. AJ, the VIP Manager who was also very considerate and upfront worked with us on getting a good deal which we did. Overall, we give Chandika and AJ five stars for good customer service. For Norm Reeves Honda, another five stars for having huge inventory compared to other Honda dealership. We will definitely recommend Norm Reeves Honda to our family and friends.

Monica G.

Anaheim, CA


Well to start off, I had the Best Car Shopping Experience at Norm Reeves on April 20, 2013 to be exact, with the help of a genuine, kind and honest salesman Sonny Wu!! I'm not just saying this because it was my first time leasing my new car but because Sonny was very straightforward and honest about everything. He works to help people not rip them off!!! My bf was more excited than I when we realized what great of a deal Sonny was able to give me, since i did not have any financing history. It was actually better than what I had expected for my monthly payment. Especially since my bf had previously owned two cars and not had a good experience for both, financing wise!!! I have been recommending Sonny to my friends and family and I recommend him to you (whoever is reading this)!! I was only there for a whopping 3 hours!! O had an idea of what I was looking for but Sonny helped in deciding that!! I just told Sonny what my budget was and what kind of payment I was comfortable with & BAM!! Sonny used magic and made that come true!! Lol He is one of a kind!! GO TO HIM!! While we were negotiating in his office, we could hear another salesman telling another couple with family that they just had to "budget more" and they will be able to make the payment....he was fighting for $4 more on the monthly payment...He was very intimidating and my nice at all!! Glad we had Sonny on our side and not against us like that other salesman trying to make four more dollars!! SONNY is a great and honest person, I am so happy with the deal he gave me for my 2013 Honda Civic!! Thanks to Sonny I was able to get my new car to go along with my new job!! Hope this review helps!! :) Have a great weekend!! *He even calls you on your birthday to wish you a happy birthday!! He even called my bf in May to wish him a happy birthday!!* who does that.....only Sonny Wu!!!

Catalina E.

Los Angeles, CA


In the month of May we had saved for a down payment of course with the economy being what it is we really had to do our research. We compared and found out that Honda was where we were going to start. This was the best decision we made this year. We were greeted as we parked the car on the parking lot. The sales person Jeff Aoki came up to us and was very respectful and professional. He was never pushy. Very knowledgeable. We came in with what our needs were and a very short time later we were on our way with a brand new Honda CRV 2013. Our car is everything we need and more. For a great deal, reasonable payment, this place sure meets your needs. Thank you very much Jeff Aoki and Norm Reeves Honda Cerritos, Ca

Reggie S.

Laguna Niguel, CA


The Professionalism and Customer Service of the Staff (especially Jeff & Ishan in internet sales) was the best I have ever experienced!!!

Brandy A.

Long Beach, CA


Customer Service is very important when buying anything:

When my husband and I left home we decided just to go" looking". The salesman greeted us with a pleasant smile and a firm hand-shake and told us his name. He first ask if we were here to see someone. We told him no and then he ask how could he be of service to us, we found this very refreshing. Normally when we walk on a car lot the salesmen are so pushy and aggressive it's a complete turn off. We then told him that we were looking for a pre-owned vehicle but we hadn't decided which vehicle we wanted. He showed us several vehicles but we just could not make up our mind, we told him to give us some time to look around so we could think about it and we ask for his business card. He gave us his business card and stated that if we needed him he would be just a cell phone call away and close behind us. My husband call him and he came right away, we then told him that we wanted to go down the street and look at some other make and models. He said with a smile ok, just give me a call when you are ready to purchase I will assist you. As we walk off the lot my husband and I thought Wow! this guy is really nice, pleasant and professional we should go back and buy from him. Thanks Andre Richardson you made our buying experience Supercalifraglisticexpialidocious.(which means Fantastic)!! Keep up the good work and we love our car.

Vinuth G.

Los Angeles, CA


Fantastic service. Sales persons Adil Khan and Sam Ahmed were very helpful and helped me get my third vehicle with them. Finance manager George Habib was very knowledgeable and answered all my finance related questions. Thumbs up to Norm Reeves Honda!!!

Brittany G.

Los Angeles, CA


I had the absolute BEST experience at Cerritos Honda!!!! Ed Mahdavi was extremely helpful & made my 1st car buying experience amazing!!!! He was able to give me everything that I hoped for with my car & more. His patience really made me feel comfortable with my decision. Peter in finance continued the great customer service by making everything very understandable & easy. I really felt as though Ed & Peter really cared about my overall experience. I'm so happy with my purchase & my experience. I'm excited to embark on my mew journey with Norm Reeves Honda Cerritos! Thank you sooooooooo much Ed & Peter!

George S.

Los Angeles, CA


My wife and I bought a 2013 Honda CRV-LX on Friday, May 17th. We made the purchase after doing our homework, visiting other dealers, and taking some time to think before we agreed. Our salesman, Moses Rojas, was great, friendly, and worked to make the right deal happen. In the finance department, Ziggy was the same and patiently walked us through all the options and never attempted to pressure us into a purchase we didn't see a value in. Overall, good experience, wonderful salesmen, and I'd recommend this spot if you're looking for a competitive deal.

Melissa C.

Artesia, CA


I recently purchased a new civic and was extremely satisfied with my salesman (Steven Carvalho), I am very particular about what I wanted, Steven was patient and helpful. I was there for a while making my decision and I never felt rushed or that I was an inconvenience. I also had an issue with the car before I left Honda and this matter was resolved by Steven with in 24 hours, I also received a follow up call to make sure I was happy, that is above and beyond. Also the finance (Avery) was great service as well to make sure my experience was a good one.

Kim S.

Westminster, CA


Our Salesman, Moses Rojas, was absolutely incredible! He listened to our needs, wasn't pushy AT ALL, found me the car that I wanted . . . Honda Accord EX-L, then we both agreed on a selling price. Moses was professional, friendly and patient. I would recommend Moses to anyone looking to buy a Honda! Thank you Moses! We then moved over to Finance and had the pleasure of dealing with Avery Richey! He was also very professional, friendly and was on top of the paperwork!! He made everything so easy for us!! This was our first experience at Norm Reeves Honda and I would highly recommend this dealership to anyone!! I loved driving my beautiful new Honda Accord today! Thank you Moses and Avery!

Ricardo A.

Bellflower, CA


My wife and I were looking to get a used car to save some money and to have lower payments. After spending almost three hours at another dealership and getting nowhere we decided to see what Honda could do for us. We were greeted promptly by salesman Allen Nouri. He was friendly, knowledgeable about the cars, and made the whole process quick and without hassle. We explained our situation and what we were looking for. Instead of just showing us a bunch of cars without knowing what we would actually be able to leave with he quickly went over what our options were and to our surprise he was able to get us a brand new 2013 Honda Accord with payments lower than what other dealerships were offering us for five year old cars. We were in and out in about 45 minutes and was the easiest and most pleasant experience we've had buying a car. Allen was an awesome salesman and really made the whole process stress free. Once we got to financing everything was exactly as Allen said it would. We left happy with a brand new clean car, full tank of gas, and he threw in the first oil change for free. I highly recommend him next time you're in the market for a new Honda

Allen W.

Hawthorne, CA


Had no luck looking for a car near by, I was recommended by a friend to Norm Reeves and the sales person Shawn, who made it a breeze in buying the car. I got a superb price and a reliable car for the economy. Thanks to Shawn and the lovely environment at Norm Reeves !!!!

Art G.

Placentia, CA


This recommendation is for Kim Kelly-Lujan. My family and I have become friends with our car sales person! Shocker right? She's not pushy, very caring, a great listener, and I always walk out thinking I got the deal of the year. If your looking to buy or lease she's the car expert for you.

Ana A.

Anaheim, CA


Amazing experience! First person to greet us was Kevin Harris! He is the most thorough salesman I've ever met. He made my experience there as easy and as fun as possible. He wasn't pushy at all. He even helped me set up my phone to my brand new Honda Civic :-) I recommend anyone looking to buy or lease a new vehicle, ask for Kevin Harris!! Thanks again Kevin. Purchasing or leasing a car is a long process. With all the paperwork of getting a brand new vehicle, expect your time there to be AT LEAST 3 hours. But in the end, it’s all worth it to be cruising in style.

J A.

Whittier, CA


Recently purchased a Honda Accord from Susanna Yim in the Internet sales department, and had a great experience. The service was fast on multiple visits and the price was very competitive. There were no pre-installed options, which was great. Overall good experience, the dealer has a great inventory and is run efficiently.

John M.

Fullerton, CA


Five stars to Lore Simons, who helped us with the leasing of an Accord. She was friendly, informative and patient, answering all our questions and concerns. She made the leasing experience pleasant and rewarding, and we look forward to working with her in the future.

Bisi E.

Hacienda Heights, CA


I simply love this facility. I purchase hundred of thousands of dollars in parts, annually, and I have been to tons of dealerships, from high-end Porsches to Hyundai’s. The team at NRH Cerritos are absolutely superb! The parts department is always tidy, and the staff consists of knowledgeable individuals, who are polite and always willing to help. Vic, Luis, Ramon, Chris, and Gene are a great team, and I love going there on a weekly basis.

Need replacement parts? Aftermarket and HFP products? They are the go to people. In addition to parts and accessories, you can find cost effective tools, manuals and, yes, snacks are aplenty. The cars sales department is also second to none. I am not surprised that they are America's #1 Honda dealership. They earned it! Welcoming staff, the sales people care about the customer, and go to bat for me every time my family, friends, or I need a vehicle. Need a new or pre-owned Honda? Look nowhere else!

JamieNLuigi A.

Pasadena, CA


My husband and I were moving from LA to Denver and needed a 4-wheel drive, pronto! So thinking we wanted something that would last for a very long time, we looked into Hondas and contacted Susanna Yim for assistance. From the get-go, Susanna kept providing updates as to the availability of 4x4s (as they were hard to come across in LA) when finally we came in and checked it out in person and fell in love with a Ridgeline. Susanna made everything very easy for us and made it such a non-grueling process, as most big purchases are. She was very patient and kind and I would definitely recommend her if you're considering a Honda purchase!

Rita L.

Huntington Beach, CA


My husband and I were very impressed with Tom & Lore @ Norm Reeves Honda in Cerritos. They are truly nice people with knowledge, experience & professionalism that give Honda Corp a great name. We purchased a Pilot and Tom patiently reviewed the different features while we sat in the car. He really knows his vehicles, but more than that--he wants us to know our vehicles to enjoy them to the fullest. Now, that's true customer service! We also give a shout out to Avery in finance who is very personable & customer-oriented, as well. We love our Pilot, so our experience @ NRH was just icing on the cake! This is the 3rd Honda we've purchased over the years--and it won't be our last.

Esmeralda B.

Cerritos, CA


Came in for service and this lovely gentlemen help me by the name of Mario and help me to see some new cars even if I can't afford it at the time I have to say this the men to come n see when I can!!! Norm reeves you are very lucky to have an employee like him don't take him for granted

Gail C.

Orange, CA


I recently shopped around for thee weeks looking for a car. As a result I purchased a CRV LX from Lori. She is a excellent car saleslady when compared to other salesman. Lori explained everything to me, and I spent 5 hours with her. We went over every detail of all the paperwork and made sure that everything was perfectly clear to me. Lori had patience, was courteously and was very attentive to my needs. (water, apple cider coffee). She puts new meaning in the word good saleswoman. I wish you could clone her so the world would have more people like her. Lori and Tom make a excellent team.


Sun G.

Los Angeles, CA


I am giving the 5 stars because of Susanna Yim, sales person. She is the best sales person I ever seen. Before speaking with Susanna, I have visited many Honda show rooms and the other show rooms don't even care about the customers. After speaking with Susanna, I have decided to go with Norm Reeves and never visited any other show rooms. The price is very competitive. Susanna was very prompt for all my emails (questions) and very patient in answering phone calls. She is the real sales person who can understand the customer needs. She is the best!! It was my best car buying experience. If I need to buy another car, I will go to Norm Reeves, just because of Susanna Yim. I would definitely recommend to visit Norm Reeves Honda (Susanna Yim) if someone is planning to buy a Honda Car.

Anh N.

Los Angeles, CA


We had great experiences and were impressed with excellent services provided by Mr. Sonny Wu. We didn't need to hassle car pricing. And getting a car was easy and quick with his help! We definitely recommend him to whoever wants to get a car and come to Cerritos Norm Reeves. Thanks Mr. Sonny! Additionally, George Habib helped our paper works processed quickly. He explained all the insurances very clear, thoroughly & respected our decisions! Thanks George!

Syed B.

Downey, CA


Best Experience Ever. We were at norm reeves last night; me and my wife were there to help my sister and brother in law to get one of good car. The customer service guy (Sam Sultan Ahmad) gave us excellent customer service, and the good thing of all he speaks same language as ours, so which helped us a lot (thanks haven) ,And he helped us to find the best Car (2012 civic). Me and my wife also planning to buy a new car, so we will definitely go there next month, Thanks SAM SULTAN AHMAD,AND THANKS NORM REEVES for saving us $$$ :)

Albert N.

Garden Grove, CA


This review is strictly for Art who works in Parts/Service at Norm Reeves Honda Superstore. I came in to buy antifreeze to do my gf's radiator flush on her '06 civic. He was attentive and explained why they phased out the quarts and now only sell the gallon size. He is a very nice dude. :D

Sammy Z.

Torrance, CA


Wow. Best service that I have ever received. Sales rep Jackie Bernardino made my experience by far the most enjoyable experience I could of had. She was very helpful I answering everything I was concerned about before purchasing my car. I purchased a 2013 Civic sedan she took the time to show me how to set up the settings. I would 100% recommend her to any family or relative that was looking into purchasing a car.

Michael O.

Cypress, CA


I recently relocated to Southern California and a couple of weeks ago visited some car dealerships at Cerritos Auto Square, to start my research to find a car for my wife who will soon be joining me. I am very thankful that I met Sam Ahmad at Norm Reeves Honda, as my car shopping experience was how I imagined it should be and not how I imagined it would be. I had some concerns regarding my lack of credit history in the US due to recently relocating from Canada. My other concern was if any dealer would accept my Canadian car (odometer in KM instead of miles) for a trade in. I also was not intending to purchase a car until my wife arrived in Southern California, so my initial visits to car dealerships were for research of different makes, models and also to see how my experience was at the various dealerships. I expected that when I revealed this to the sales persons that I would just be browsing cars on my own and not viewed as a serious customer. Due to these concerns I was expecting that I would not have an enjoyable shopping experience. I was wrong. From the first day I met Sam at Norm Reeves Honda I realized that I was not working with a stereotypical car salesman. To be fair, I am assured that none of the sales persons at Norm Reeves are stereotypical. Sam Ahmad worked with me to address my concerns and I made my purchase at Norm Reeves Honda, even before my wife arrives in Southern California. My good experience at Norm Reeves was not solely with my salesperson Sam Ahmad. The sales manager Mike Porter took time to meet with me in person to discuss my previously mentioned concerns and the finance person I dealt with, Peter Tanius, took the time to answer my many questions.

All in all I had a very good experience at Norm Reeves Honda in Cerritos. My sincere thanks to Sam, Mike and Peter for their great attitude and service.

Pauline R.

Anaheim, CA


I give Mazen Abdeh 5 stars for his kindness while helping me out with purchasing a car. It took me time to choose the car I thought was good for my family and I. Mr. Abdeh was there all the way until I purchased the car I felt comfortable with most. I am happy that I went to Norm Reeves Honda dealership and was welcomed by Mazen Abdeh. He made everything easy for me and that's all I wanted.

Catalina E.

Los Angeles, CA


Awesome service! Went to go look for a new car and the gentlemen, Jeff Aoki guided me through different models. The model that had the best features was the Civic SI. Will definitely be going back.

Fernando G.

Los Angeles, CA


I purchased Honda Accord from Norm Reeves Honda and I must say that it was a pleasant experience. What made this a good experience was the customer service Sultan Ahmad (Sam) provided. Sam was able to get me the deal I was looking for and provided a very professional and friendly experience.

Nadine A.

Anaheim, CA


Just got my 2013 Honda Civic and loving it! Sunny Wu is my car dealer, which is also my mom's friend and gave me a good deal for the car. I would definitely recommend this place to anybody.

Chan S.

Long Beach, CA


The 5 stars are for Sonny Wu. I came on the lot with my family, already knowing I wanted the 2013 FIT, when we parked our car at the customer entrance only one gentlemen came up to us to say "Hi" he asked what we were in for and we said we were just looking, then he disappeared. My family and I went to the corner where the FITS were and browsed the vehicle our selves. I couldn't find the blue raspberry one I wanted originally, so I went inside to find someone to talk to. No one approached us, so I waited about 5 minutes until I went to the receptionist, asked her how I would get a particular color, then she pointed to my side and said, "Sonny would be glad to help you". He asked me how soon I wanted to get a car, I said TODAY. He smiled and led my family and I to his cubical and started talking business. Long story short, I was irritated when I first got to the dealership, but after having Sonny help me & my family out it was a great experience. I am now a proud owner of a brand new Honda! THANKS SONNY!

Lori L.

La Mirada, CA


I bought my first new car here. Was very happy with the service. I went there at around 6:30 on a Sunday not really knowing if I was going to come home with a car that day. But the sales men and finance guy were very patient with me and made me feel comfortable. I would recommend them to anyone and everyone that is looking for a comfortable environment to buy a new car.

Jon L.

Los Angeles, CA


This is a review of the Norm Reeves Honda Superstore Service Department only: Overall I think this place is really great. I recently brought my car in for service here and I must say that this place just has the right business culture. Every Service Dept. employee addresses each other as "sir" and "ma'am”, and work as a team. The staff is quick to provide status updates on your vehicle. You are assigned a "service advisor" who becomes your single point of contact. You get a direct phone number to the service advisor. Sergio was the service advisor assigned to me. He did a great job of keeping posted on any updates. In addition to this, the shop offered to honor coupons from the Glendale Honda dealer. Not sure if this is common or not.

Saydulu K.

Cypress, CA


I have been to this store for buying a new car. All salesmen were so busy, so decided to roam around the cars to get an idea on Honda cars. I was in dilemmas which car buy, either a used car or brand new. After couple of minutes I was approached by a Sales man Houssain Ahmed. He was very cool to handle the customers and clarifying all the doubts. It took 2 hours to come to a decision to buy a new car instead of used car, these was all because of Houssain's help and expertise to answer all my 1000 questions. He was so courteous and helped me to get good APR though without much credit age. I strongly recommend him to other customers, as he is nice salesman and smiles always with positive attitude. After having long question and answers session with him, I ended up buying Brand new Honda Accord EX-L with Navi for good price and low APR. Who ever is planning to buy a Honda car, just think about Cerritos super store. Finally finance team is also helpful in choosing the right protection package (Ziggy Estrada). Thanks to every one who helped me to get my beloved car :-)

Paul D.

Anaheim, CA


Did my homework on line, back and forth emailing a bunch of dealerships. Then went car test-driving with couple of dealers. Honda of norm reeves gave me the best price without the usual run around in dealerships. Allen Nouri was the salesperson very professional straight to the point. Simply got the EX Accord for $950 below the closest price I was quoted by other dealer. I highly recommend Norm Reeves Honda of Cerritos. Mr. Allen Nouri thank you for not wasting my time, you truly deserve five stars.

Nathalie R.

Echo Park, CA


I am extremely happy with my car but what made it great was my sales rep MOSES ROJAS he is just amazing great attitude great costumer service period he got me an unbeatable deal I defiantly recommend him and the dealership I never been so happy and I'm glad Moses was able to help me get my very first car defiantly a great place to shop for a car dot forget to ask for Moses !:)

Sri V.

Los Angeles, CA


I believe no one can beat the price and service that Norm Reeves Honda offers. They beat the price of all other dealers, and the customer support was awesome. No one forced to take extended coverage, but they very well explained the pros and cons. I recommended my other friend he also brought the same car as mine with in a month.

Daniel L.

Cypress, CA


Our family has always come here for maintenance and services. I feel the workers and the managers here are professional and don't skimp on any customers. Even though service isn't fast on weekends when it's usually busy, they do throw in the complementary car wash. Thanks! O yeah, I would recommend a reservation for maintenance services or you might have to wait a bit more than an hour.

Matt M.

Fountain Valley, CA


If you're looking to buy a Honda, I highly recommend doing it here, make sure to ask for Allen Nouri. I worked with Allen to purchase my vehicle, and he was very professional and straightforward. No games, no nonsense, no fudging with numbers. The price was also very competitive. 5/5 stars.


Mission Viejo, CA


Great Service! Had an issue with my Pilot, and the independent garage did not have the equipment to fix. I was worried about paying too much at a car dealership, but it turned out to be an easy fix, and a lot less than I thought! Great job!!!


Cerritos, CA


I don't get why most of you all have given this place bad reviews. It is either you didn't do your homework or didn't work with the person who sent you the price quote.

I was dealing with Ishan, I went in a couple days later with a credit report and spoke with him. He gave me numbers according to my report and didn't even pressure me to run my credit at the dealer. I had a few things I wanted to pay off to get a better APR. Ishan advised me and I took off and took care of my issues.

About three weeks later I set time with Ishan and ran my credit. Without a haggle he got me the best rate possible and lowest price at the time. He's honest, soft spoken and always carry a smile on his face. Direct person.

Because they sell so many cars they have streamlined their process. Took me a total of about 2 hours. This is an amazing place to buy a car. Keep in mind this is a fast phased store, so do your research before going in cause they don't have the time to baby you around while you negotiate for the best deal. Think of Norm Reeves as a spinning merry go round. If you want to jump in you'd have to pick up speed before.

Thank you for the service and love the car.

Renee L.

Trabuco Canyon, CA


I recently braved test-driving new cars. They had a great selection of cars to look over. I have to also give a shout out to salesperson Kevin C. He was very patient in answering my 1000 questions. He made what is normally a painful purchase easier! It is worth going here even if you are just in the "test driving" stages of buying a car. If you do go, ask for Kevin!

Marion C.

Colton, CA


From the moment I walked into Norm Reeves, I received nothing but courtesy and help. Ramzi Maymoun was very professional and very helpful and very informative. And so was Dan Sendu, they really helped me out of a dire situation. There aren't many salesmen who go above and beyond for their clients, yet these guys did, in a big way. Although it shows that they are a busy bunch, they still reach out and understand on a personal level. I am very thankful for the help that I got from both Ramzi and Dan. And even though Norm Reeves is quite a distance from my home, I will continue to go to these guys for my future purchases and refer anyone I can to them.

Caitlin H.

Cypress, CA


I've been coming here for years for all my servicing needs. On my recent visit for my Odyssey, I received the same excellent service as I always have in the past. Michael was super nice and my car was ready as promised. He even gave me a free rental for the day, since I had my daughter with me and also needed to pick up my son from preschool before the car was ready. He got me taken care of at Enterprise across the street. I'll be coming back again and again.

Bernard C.

Buena Park, CA


I am basing my review solely on the service I received from Art in the parts department today. Today I needed my brake lights replaced and after an unsuccessful visit to Autozone, they told me I needed to replace the socket and not the bulb that was the problem. So I called Norm Reeves and spoke to Art, who told me he had the part in stock. So I stop by and purchase the part and when I am about to install it, he tells me the bulb looks fine and lets me know that I am looking at the wrong bulb. He removes the brake light socket and shows me a burnt out bulb. That's where the problem was! A simple miscommunication about the location of the brake light. I was worried because he told me the only way to return the product was if it was in its sealed package, which it wasn't. To my surprise, without asking he told me he would exchange the socket for a light bulb and give me back the difference. Talk about service. What really shocked me was after replacing my brake light bulb, I noticed my other side was burnt out as well. Without hesitation, Art told me don't worry about it and gave me another bulb for the other side. I never thought I would receive this level of service from a Honda dealership and many thanks to Art in the parts department. Thank you and keep up the good work.

Love T.

Long Beach, CA


I loooooooove this dealership! Antony is thee best guy to help you in the service department. I only go to him....but I'm sure every one else id good too :)

Max P.

Orange County, CA


Review is for the service department; I brought my car for routine service and my advisor was Anthony, He is the MAN! Very helpful, and stayed on top of things. Followed up with me in a timely manner! Down to earth service! Nice to see from a high volume dealer!

Angela S.

Simi Valley, CA


Ummm let's see where do I start . By far the easiest most professional no hassle, no B.S. haggle sales process I've ever had when purchasing a car. First the dealership is friendly, inviting and has tons of inventory.

I purchased a new 2013 accord sport today and the experience was like no other. I recently (the day before) visited another Honda dealer looking for a car. And got the traditional B.S. of your credits not good enough and we need more down, how much more can you put blah, blah, blah. I left A.S.A.P. later the same night a friend told me about norm reeves being BIG and priced to sell... So I visited their website, built my vehicle the next morning I received an email with a quote of nearly 3 K less for the same exact vehicle. and I noticed a missed call and voicemail from the sales rep Nader.

I phoned him back, he was straight forward said there's no sales gimmicks, or B.S. haggling I was still skeptical, I explained my previous experience, Nader assured me I would not have that issue with Norm Reeves. And that they had the vehicle I wanted in stock. I drove close to 115 miles from my home, I probably passed 7-10 other Honda dealerships to get there. When we arrived Nader had the car I wanted ready for a test drive. When we came back we spent no more than 10 min going over my down payment and monthly payment options. I was never pressured to put more down. I actually asked if I put more down how much would it lower my payments.

Next was finance took a little longer but all in all I got what I wanted and they got the sale. I was in and out in about 1 1/2 hours. Now I've purchased a lot of cars and spent almost an entire day at dealerships. But this was hands down a class AAA act I would recommend this dealer and Nader to all my friends family and every one else. And more importantly the next time I'm looking to buy a Honda I'm only going to Norm Reeves

Chelsey L.

Downey, CA


Simplest time at norm reeves last Friday thanks to George Habib, he helped me find a used accord in my price range and went out of his way to help me out with the price Thanks George! Ask for him next time you’re at Norm reeves

Lisa E.

La Habra, CA


I just bought my 2nd car from Eduardo Mora...he is absolutely, without question the best salesperson ever...i told him what i wanted and he made it happen for me...I LOVE MY 2013 CROSSTOUR EXL!!! I drove off in my new car in less than 2 hours...if you like working with honest and direct sales people than find Eduardo Mora...great service and extremely professional. Ryan in finance you did a great job--thank you! I will only buy cars from Eduardo...if you're car shopping email he will get you best deal.

Kimberly N.

Westminster, CA


Sonny Wu!! Thank You soo much for making such a good deal for my 2013 Honda Civic =). I had the quickest and fastest purchase at this place. I went to a place before hands the one on Beach and Trask they were full of liars. They were trying to rip me off with ridiculous prices and then trying to bring the price down slowly wasting my time. I came to the one in Cerritos and I just stated my budget and asked if they can do it or not and they did it. Wells at least Sunny Wu did it. Thank You so much I left knowing that I had the best deal. If you want to purchase a car go to Sunny Wu, he is fast and to the point. He won't lie to you.

Bethany W.

Buena Park, CA


My parents bought a CRV and they were so happy that they chose the right employee. Mazen was very helpful and caring. He gave my parents such a good deal on first time Honda buyers. Thanks to Norm Reeves Honda in Cerritos and Mazen Abdeh for helping my parents out in choose a good car for them.

Lana D.

Fontana, CA


I'm giving this place 5 stars simply for Kevin C., the car salesman, who made it a class A, WOW experience.

Hospitality and customer service minded, Kevin is, by far, the best car salesman I have ever had the opportunity of doing business with. Although I felt slightly inadequately energized next to the man who was bouncing off the walls after working practically 10 hours (every time we came in to talk to him, I helped myself to at least 2 cups of coffee to keep up with his energy level), he was never trying to sell us anything. He was simply helping us find the right car with whatever we were looking for.

We came in to for a trade-in on a 2012 Toyota Highlander for something more gas efficient, without any down payment and around the same monthly payments. It was very difficult, given the upside-down loan, but really trying to help us out, Kevin did the best he could and bent as far backwards as he could for us.

Not only is he passionate about helping people, I felt as though he is also passionate about the cars he was selling. He knew the cars (which was a plus from the Toyota salesman who was reading the sign, just as we were, and hadn't the faintest idea about the FRS), and he knew what to recommend. He seemed genuine and took the time to get to know us and our situation before moving forward with any intent of sales.

I can definitely see why the Cerritos Norm Reeves is the #1 Honda Dealer. With someone like that on your team, how can you not? Two thumbs up for Kevin C. I can totally see him as a restaurant manager one day. :)

Andrew C.

Canoga Park, CA


Had one of the easiest in and out experience at a car dealership within recent time.

Purchased a new 2013 Honda Accord Sport and had negotiated the price online and via email with Jojo (great guy by the way!! Ask for JoJo for your next Honda at Norm Reeves!!!) He is super nice and a funny guy. He will work with you and help you get the best price.

His supervisor was very nice too (forgot his name). Nick is also a very very good rep!! Super nice and more than willing to assist.

I actually enjoyed my experience here as opposed to my local dealer Goudy Honda who I will never ever step foot into nor recommend to anyone I know. There is a reason why Norm Reeves is the #1 Honda Dealer folks.

Save your time and headaches and go to Norm Reeves. Ask for Jo jo or Nick, both are great guys!!

My negotiating experience was with Jojo and he was very friendly and helped me get the deal I wanted.

Jose C.

Artesia, CA


My wife wanted to get out if her BIMMER 528i and looking for a bigger car cause our daughter was getting bigger. Looked for a pilot as it was rated good for safety and its a Honda. Shopped around came across Ishan Packeer. He was informative and replied to our questions promptly. So we de decided to go see him. Ishan was the most professional pleasant person we came across. He went to work and got our car paid off and got us a great car deal.


Artesia, CA


I came in as a first time buyer and had the pleasure of working with Kendra Black. She made me feel comfortable and welcomed from the moment I stepped into the dealership until the moment I left with my vehicle. Kendra also took the time to follow me home after the sale to get a few last minute papers I forgot to bring with me. Thank you to Kendra and the whole Honda team!

Jonalyn, T.

Long Beach, CA


Wow. what an experience!

I went shopping for my first car purchase with my dad. Based on all the reviews on different dealers, I knew I'd have to try this one out. My dad despises all car salesmen thanks to his previous experience at Cerritos Auto Square. (he bought a car there 20 years ago and still brings it up and refuses to go to that dealership or any for that matter). After hearing my dads experience and others, I was terrified to go car shopping. I first stopped at a Honda dealer closer to me and was immediately turned off by the salesman- he was just rude/pushy to begin with- from that moment I got even more scared to continue shopping. We were on our way to another Honda dealer in the area but I am glad we went straight to Norm Reeves, quite a drive away. We were immediately greeted with a friendly and personable salesman- Lito Bayas. I told him exactly what I was looking for, showed us what they had, I mentioned one I saw online- they didnt have it on the lot so he drove us to their storage. (my dad was so suspicious and hesitant he didn't want to get in the car). Lito talked to him during the drive and my dad was able to feel more comfortable. I basically test drove the car back to Norm Reeves- checked it out and ended up in his cubical talking about options- no pressure at all. At that point my dad and myself felt much more at ease. Throughout the process, my dad kept telling me this was the best car buying experience he has ever had- and best of all- he trusted this car salesman (he was trying to find every reason not to- he went over the list of costs again and again to find a hidden scam.) It was just so easy- my dad didn't even bother to negotiate the price. The car color wasn't even my first choice, but with great service, that didn't even matter.

Honestly, for a skeptical first time buyer, the service was too good to be true that I'm waiting for something to go wrong. even if we were cheated, we wouldn’t have known... I left happy and I hope to stay happy with my brand new car. Thank you NORM REEVES!

Kathy P.

Buena Park, CA


A friend of mine was telling me about the experience working with Mazen Abdeh which is an awesome man. I was delighted to see that she enjoyed the employee I recommended for her. She is a first time buyer that worked step by step with the process of purchasing the right car for herself and her family. We debated on whether going to Toyota or Honda and we knew Honda was the right choice especially meeting a kind and funny gentlemen, Mazen Abdeh. I hope others have the same amazing experience my friend had with Mr. Abdeh. It’s always good to choose the right person for help. We love Norm Reeves Honda Cerritos!

Gina M.

Laguna Beach, CA


I had a great experience purchasing my 2008 Honda accord! the salesman was very knowledgeable and very pleasant to work with. I’m very happy with my purchase and I recommended Dan Stone to my friends and family. Honda is a great car and Dan stone made the experience that much better! Thank you Norm Reeves and salesman Dan stone. see ya next time around!

Abby B.

Glendora, CA


Came in looking to trade my CR-V and I had been to a Hyundai dealer. I was comparing between CR-V and the new Hyundai. Ishan Packeer offered a good deal on a 2012 with Navigation. We got the deal we wanted.

He went to work for us and made sure that we were taken care of. I will but my next car from Norm Reeves and especially from Ishan Packeer.

Thank you Ishan.

Mary C.

San Leandro, CA


Got my 60k service here! I believe I was served by Mr. Matt Bursch? He was super friendly, straight-forward, no bs, and told me what my car needed/need not and what was urgent etc. Really helped me a lot + with a YELP check-in, you get a discount!

They offer shuttle service to drop me off wherever I needed, but I went in with the intention to study; they had a really nice sitting area that offers WIFI. Apparently it was one of those employee of the month meeting days and they had chocolate cake so they gave us cake! :D That was the cherry on top. The only thing I found eh was that the free carwash they offer really doesn't get the nasty treesap/pollen stuff off my car... but get good service here!


Fontana, CA


We felt like we were in a scripted TV commercial with Blake @ Norm Reeves Honda. This guy was thorough with his presentation and had a sold within the hour. We had just purchased a luxury car a month prior and the service we received with Blake was far superior! Kudos & thanks!

Gregor S.

Anaheim, CA


I was in the market for a 2013 Accord. I started working with Auto Nation Direct through another dealership & they were telling me that I couldn't get much of a discount because it was a popular new model. I was referred to Norm Reeves Cerritos by AAA's car buying program. That's when I met Lore Simons, one of the fleet managers. Not only did she find the exact car I wanted, but between the cost of my new Accord & my trade in, she beat Auto Nation' price by $1400. Plus I was given a coupon booklet for service on my car.

I can't say enough great things about Lore Simons. She was thorough, considerate & very professional. She did everything she could to get me a great deal & make sure I was very satisfied. Thanks for the Terrific Experience, Lore!

Nina Raquel R.

Gardena, CA


Awesome place! Me and my hubby recently purchased a vehicle here and helped by Lito Bayas, great service and very helpful. Will sure come back here in the future! :))

Melanie A.

Riverside, CA


Place is amazing, it was a step by step process for me, Shawn my salesman helped me on the spot, he gave me no pressure what so ever and worked literally two and a half hours with a deal to suit my payment which i can pay. I really appreciate his work and the dealerships environment for having outstanding customer service!!

Deborah M.

Signal Hill, CA


I went into NRH one morning with about 2 hrs to spare MAX, thinking there's no way I'm going to be able to a) trade in my lease and b) get what I want on a new lease or buy my lease out. Boy was I wrong! I had been to two other honda places and a VW place prior, and this was hands down the best, easiest and quickest experience I've had! My salesman was Mazen Abdeh and he was not pushy or salesman like in any way which I respected. Of course, he did do the go talk to my boss thing which they all do, but overall he was super nice and fast and got me a great deal and out of there in under 2 hrs including switching cars, financials and all-- which was amazing. Usually when you say you cannot put anything down there is some way or another when it comes down to it that you end up with something out of pocket. In this case, when I said I had nothing to put down I walked away actually putting nothing down as well as getting a good monthly payment on my lease. It was about $20 more than what I wanted but I was very happy with what I got. I still cannot believe how easy it was. Thank you so much Mazen--I would recommend him to anybody and I did not know him before I stepped into the place. Everything went so quickly and smoothly (no runaround, sales talk stuff or anything) I sitll cannot believe my new Civic is sitting in the driveway. I am a happy customer and that says a lot!

Anna C.

Irvine, CA


Just bought a 2012 Honda Pilot (from Sonny Wu again). I didn't think that they could out-do themselves, but they did. Sonny really worked out a great deal for us, and the finance guy (Ryan) was super quick in getting our paperwork done (less than 10 minutes!). I haven't used their service yet, but I haven't really had any problems with the cars we've gotten so far.

Miguel R.

Downey, CA


I came here for an oil check and got good Honda service and a report on what my car needed to be in optimal condition. Everything was fine except for the fact they did not wash my car since the car washing machine was not functioning. They did not even offer a rain check so I posted a three star review. Shortly after I was contacted by Norm Reeves Honda about my issue and they offered to wash my car. I actually forgot about their offer and they recently contacted me again about the car wash. I went the same day they contacted me and they did what they had to give me an appointment the same day. Not only did they wash my car but they also waxed it and removed some nasty hard water stains caused by sprinklers. That would have costed me about $60. I got it free! I didn't ask for it but they were nice enough to do it anyway! I am very satisfied with their customer service. Sometimes the members of a team may make errors and in this case it is up to their team leaders to fix them. Honda did it for me!!!! Thanks Norm Reeves Honda! My Honda has not failed me all the 10 years I have had it and you now have maintained me as a loyal customer!

Bekah B.

Los Angeles, CA


I just had fantastic experience at Norm Reeves. I was fairly nervous, as it was my first car purchase, and I didn't want to duped, or stuck with a lease I couldn't commit to. Dan Stone was incredibly kind, honest and well informed. He immediately got a great sense of what I was looking for, and helped me narrow it down then make an informed choice. I definitely recommend this play, especially for car newbies.

Melissa L.

Fullerton, CA


I bought a 2012 Honda pilot from an employee named George Habib later I got the keys for my Honda pilot I’m so happy with my new car I love it so much thank you NORM REEVES HONDA TEAM and George habib.

Nancy T.

Norwalk, CA


Finally After 12 years got my self a Brand new Honda Accord. I went into the dealer just to look and see new cars it was very late Sunday went I went looking for cars. I was so lucky to meet BLAKE UNDERRINER Sales and Leasing for Honda Dealer @ Cerritos,It was very late I was concerned about the time but Blake Underriner was helping me and telling me not to worry he is here to help me get my new car. he explained to me all the benefits of having a Honda car and the safety features and what I love the best about the Mr. Blake our sales rep he was not a " pushy sales person" he listened to my needs and helped me find the car I wanted." He worked really hard to get me qualified the payment I wanted and took the extra time to show me every little detail on how my car works. Most important thing he was patient and give me the attention and time from the minute I walked in to the dealer to the minute I left. Everybody was friendly and customer service was awesome. I was also pleased with the Receptionist In Finance she was friendly and very nice lady. Great Experience they really go out of their way to help you . Thank you Honda of Cerritos and Thank you Mr. Blake Underriner @Sales Department for making my dream come true to have my brand new car.



**Honda Accord should have more sales people like Blake Underriner he really makes you feel like family. Awesome Job. Thank you Nancy Torres from
Norwalk California

Theresa B.

Colton, CA


Just leased through NRH for the second time. Opted for the CR-V this time and I love it! Linda is great and she was able to get me a good deal. Its really nice to not be pressured into buying more than I need or all those expensive add-ons they try to sell you. Thanks Linda!

Michael L.

Colton, CA


Linda Ly of Norm Reeves Honda is great to do business with. She's honest & her no nonsense personality makes negotiation unnecessary. I've purchased a few cars from her through the years & have referred people to her. My girlfriend leased both of her cars from Norm Reeves because they offered her the best deals. She is very pleased to have met Linda & not have to go through the old archaic way of shopping for a new car ever again.

Faith M.

Fullerton, CA


I bought my 2012 Honda Pilot from Linda and had a great experience. The transactions went smooth and surprisingly fast! The General sales manager, Vince Marquez, even came down and greeted us.

For the kids, they have a clean play area to distract them (with a parent supervision).

For maintenance, so far I have gotten my oil changed 2x and a car maintenance down. I was able to make a reservation online, which i highly recommend. Kenny Tran helped me last time and was polite and knowledgeable. I'd recommend coming in early if you are servicing your car.

Overall, I've had a wonderful experience and would recommend this place because of their high quality in customer service and friendly staff.

Neil P.

Carson, CA


We bought 2 new cars Aug 29th from our regular salesman JoJo Bayas. Once again another easy hassle free deal! Thanks again JoJo, Mucio, and Norm Reeves.

The Pascua Family

Sergio B.

Whittier, CA


I purchased a 2012 Honda Civic EX-L from Norm Reeves Honda on Aug 21 and can honestly say I have never had such a pleasant experience purchasing a vehicle. My salesman, Cosme Aguirre was super patient, knowledgeable and caring about getting me into a car that fit my needs and budget. I actually could not decide between an new Civic and a used one and his patience along with some key numbers by Rich in Finance (who was also really patient and showed and explained the APR, finance charges and resale stats) really helped me see clearly that the only choice for me was a new Civic, which by the way already has over 1500 miles due to a trip to Vegas!

I know I am buying my next car from Cosme and Norm Reeves Honda and I will be referring friends and relatives there as well for their car purchases.

Cheers! Sergio B.

Jessica H.

Bell, CA


Thank you Cosme for the great information you gave to us on the Natural Gas Vehicle it was very informative and educational. We like the fact that Honda is paying for the gas an entire year! We are still shopping for hybrids but now we are seriously considering the NGV Civic. Thank you again and great job :)

Navin N.

Los Angeles, CA


We recently bought a car from Norm Reeves Honda at Cerritos and we were pleasantly surprises at their customer service. Our service representative, Hossain Ahamed was with us showing cars around, explaining what are options were and guiding us through the process of financing a Honda Accord.

Even after the process of payment was over, he helped us with any questions about the car and even followed up a couple of times to make sure we were okay. Even recently, when there was something we wanted fixed with the car, Hossain, came to our aid and tried to get things moving quickly.

To anyone reading this, I highly recommend Honda Norm Reeves and even Hossain Ahamed for a smooth and dedicated experience for buying a car.

Yasir S.

Yorba Linda, CA


I’ve been a customer now for more than a year and its been nothing but great things. I have had all my oil changes at Norm Reeves Honda Superstore and its been awesome. Also without help from Hossain Ahmed I don’t know where I would be, he had been helpful and excellent at what he does.

Christine T.

Manhattan, NY


I just moved out to SoCal and was in need of a car. I visited a couple of dealerships before I came to Norm Reeves Honda in Cerritos. So, I already knew what I wanted. I just wanted to see if Norm Reeves can give me a deal that was "more bang for my buck!" ..... and they did!

Special thanks to their Sales Agent, Cosme Aguirre. He was extremely friendly, helpful, personable and definitely did everything in his power to get me the car I wanted; even down to the color. You see, Norm Reeves Honda - Cerritos did not have my car in white (mind you, I already saw the car in white, test drove it and everything at another dealership, so I already knew this was the color that was for me!), so immediately i was displeased. Cosme offered an alternative color, black, we looked at it and it didn't give me that spark that I saw in the white. I wasn't happy. But, as an excellent salesman he is, Cosme made sure to check Norm Reeves' other stores around Orange County and sure enough, they had the car in white at another location; so, Cosme made the drive to pick up the EXACT car I wanted!! SUCCESS!

Special thanks to Dan Sandu, too! He made the financial process quick and painless.. he was also very helpful and friendly!

All in all, my experience at Norm Reeves Honda in Cerritos was great! Excellent customer service! They definitely want their customers to be leave happy!

I am truly satisfied!! Thank you, Norm Reeves Honda in Cerritos for my new car! =)

Samuel B.

Escondido, CA


Until just recently I have been going with my Grandmother to Norm Reeves Honda Cerritos since 2001 when she bought a 2000 Honda Accord EX. Great car. She wouldn't let anyone touch the car at all unless it was at this dealership, unless she was getting it smogged, they took such good car of it. It never had one single problem. Waiting time wasn't too terribly long, we mostly went to the mall so it didn't matter. But other than that I would continue going there. It is not like most dealerships, they really care about your car and will do what ever it takes to make you happy

Leisha S.

Placentia, CA


I was skeptical about going to the big store - but after a very poor experience at a smaller dealer I was surprised at the pleasant and professional approach received at NR Superstore! Sonny is the man. We visited a week before - got a couple of calls asking how we were doing and finally got down there. No BS just got down to it. He found us the exact car we wanted and got us an excellent price. Gave us great information about the care and maintenance. He was quick but didn't hurry us. I highly recommend you see Sonny at NR Superstore! Thanks again Sonny!

Alex S.

Bellflower, CA


Thank you Mr. Kash Varsandeh a salesman at Honda of Cerritos for exceeding your customer's satisfaction in products and service! Job well done.

Rayann L.

Long Beach, CA


I am very impressed with Norm Reeves in Cerritos, especially my sales person Sonny Wu. He was prompt, professional and look out for my best interest. What can I say so far I bought 4 cars from him. My latest ride 2012 Honda EX-L Pilot. I m loving every moment of it, thank you Sonny for making my ride a breeze.

Johnny M.

Glendale, CA


I appreciate Norm Reeves along with Mr. Shawn that made the deal happen. Mr. Shawn with great customer service did a superb job and I am great full for his service. He Spent his time showing me tons of cars and choosing the right one, that suited my wallet and me best !!

Raquel J.

Los Angeles, CA


Recently I stopped in to look in Norm Reeves Honda to look at cars. Thank you Cosme for showing me their selection of used cars and although I didn't purchase a car you made my visit to your dealership a pleasant one. When I am ready to buy a car I will come and see you!!!

Mani A.

Gardena, CA


Good experience. Got my second Honda from these guys. Salesman Shaun was very helpful. I recommend Norm Reeves Honda for anyone out there looking to purchase a Honda.

Almarie M.

Long Beach, CA


Danny Atienza was the great salesman who had helped my nephew in buying his first car. He gave us the best deal ever! He worked professionally without doubts. He is fantastic and awesome! Because of him, we will surely come back to Norm Reeves again! Thank you Danny Atienza! From WreighMarc and Almarie.

Manny A.

Orange, CA


I’ve purchased a handful of cars before and my number one priority is going to be the price and the time it takes to get to the grand finale. I walked in telling the salesman that I didn't have a lot of time and we were able to test drive, price, and get the financing paperwork going within 60 minutes. I got a great rate at 0.9% and the finance guy was extremely professional and caring in making sure that I knew exactly what was going on at all times. The ultimately question is...Would I come back? Definitely. Would I tell a friend/family to buy from here? Definitely. Great Place and people. Thanks Norm Reeves.

Desireann A.

La Verne, CA


JOJO BAYAS made my car shopping experience one of the best i have ever had, and ive had plenty. Being in Sales for 8 years, customer service is very important and being able to read all your different needs and wants is not always easy.

I went here just to price around for different type of cars since my engine just blew out on my impala,

I went to one other car dealer who was not willing to give me as much time and attention since i explained to my situation and not being able to buy today. He just told me come back when your ready and ill see if i can do better for you. He only had one car to fit the best of my needs. i was in and out with in less than hr.

I then went next door to Norm Reeves Honda and it was like a one stop shop and go I spent the remainder of my day there where I had such great service.

JOJO BAYAS assisted me in showing me quite a few different selections to fit my needs. He was very helpful in answer all my questions and showing me the right kind of car to fit my needs. He was a awesome sales man, he drove me to the other lot to show me a few different cars. He was very honest in answering all my questions and telling me what he thought to be the best solutions for me. Even thou I explained to JOJO that I was not going to be able to buy today, He still took treated me like a buying customer today. He took he time and patience with my picky requests and kept the whole encounter fun friendly and inviting. He nicely introduced me to everybody around the dealership where all the sales men were very friendly and even tried recommending a few different selections, they did not seem like other car dealership men where most of them just are out for their own and ignore those who are already being helped keep one sales person zoned in just one customer. They were all very friendly and help for a customer who was not ready to buy today. It was a very pleasant and enjoyable shopping experience and when I am ready to buy it will be where JOJO is at and I would recommend him to any of my friends interested.


John A.

Anaheim, CA


My son purchased a vehicle from Mazen Abdeh in the beginning of June. He had a fabulous experience with him and Mazen was a great Salesman. He kept in touch with me even after my son purchased the car to see if it was still working good. I was pleased by him and how much he helped my son get through the process. He is great and a pleasure to work with. My experience was wonderful at Norm Reeves Honda.

Glen J.

Montebello, CA



I once again, I had a great experience in the Service Department of Norm Reeves Honda in Cerritos (NRHC). And all because of JORGE CORDON, Team Leader. He once again was very helpful in getting my wife's car serviced.

I had initially called JORGE CORDON to see if he could answer a couple of questions I had about an oil change regarding 0W-20 Oil and Synthetic Oil. I was not able to reach him directly with each phone call I made, I believe, due to customers having a high demand for his personal approach to taking care of customers. I had left my number with the receptionist, and a message with his voice-mail; and once he was free he gave me a call and left a message. I was able to get in direct contact with him and asked him about the oil; he clarified that for my car they are one and the same.

I asked if I could bring my wife's car in, but regrettably he informed me the Service Department would be closing in about 45 minutes, and there was a high number of customers ahead of us. So, he offered the option for us to pick-up the next day. He even said that it could be done early in the morning, about an hour after opening up.

My response to him was, "Cool." But, my family and I would be fine picking it up later the next day. There would be no rush on our part, but I thanked him anyway.

So, the family and I headed on in to have the car serviced. The car and key drop-off was smooth and quick once I met up with JORGE CORDON. JORGE CORDON went to inspect the car for overall possible surface and body damage, and noticed the car was dirty. So, he threw in a complimentary car wash along with the service we required. My wife was glad. We had not washed it in a while.

As a big thanks to JORGE CORDON, we shared with him a portion of apple pie from home; brought him a fourth of it. And my daughter, nearly two years old, told JORGE CORDON, "Thank you, Jorge."


As usual, JORGE CORDON was very considerate and receptive. He has always been courteous and attentive, whether by phone or in person. His tone and demeanor are encouraging to one to be open and comfortable with him as they express and share the problems of their vehicle. I would say JORGE CORDON has figured out a formula of how to deal with customers. I have yet to witness a customer that has left unhappy after they dealt with JORGE CORDON. Personally, on any given day, I would trust JORGE CORDON to help take care of me and my family for all my Honda Care needs. His experience and attentiveness is a valuable asset to NRHC. His interest to have a customer leave pleased and content with their interaction and service, excels any other I have encountered before.

If the day should come, I would hope that my interaction with any other Service Representative would be equally matched to that with JORGE CORDON. I'm hoping to feel comfortable and confident that my car and the thought of family's safety would be a high priority. Not simply another number to be logged in. I am unaware of NORM REEVES promise or commitment to their customer (something I would love to read one day), but I would hope that it includes and clarifies how a customer is to be treated with personal and thoughtful consideration, and not as a bottom-line number that would only add to the profit margin of the company.

Kazi N.

Los Angeles, CA


The people at Norm Reeves Honda in Cerritos were awesome. Mr. Hossain Ahamed was very helpful when it came to the paperwork for the lease paperwork. He covered everything and whatever information I did not cover, he was able to fill in them for me. Mr. Hossain Ahamed was very straightforward with everything he mentioned about the deal.

He saved the car and showed me the entire details of the Honda Accord EX. I got the car I liked with the color and I was able to put money down for it. I signed all the papers and I put the down payment for it. This was done over a time period of two days.

I highly recommend getting Hossain Ahamed as your car salesperson when coming to this auto dealer.


Sun City, CA


First time car buyer here. I am looking for a brand new car, a 2012 Honda civic EX but all my local Honda dealers (Spreen Honda and Moss Bros Honda) kept playing games with me and kept making a fool out of me by giving me aggressive quotes to lure me in their store, and once I arrive the prices change and all the extra fees appear on the paper. Deceitful and dishonest business practice. Never go to them, take your business to Norm Reeves, ask for JOSE MAGANA, he will take care of you.
I requested a quote from Norm Reeves late at night and i got a call early in the morning from JOSE MAGANA, he was the sales person who was helping me. We talked back and forth he was up front and honest with the quotes he sent me and he was patient to answer all my questions. I ran my credit through norm reeves and got accepted into their special financing of 0.9 to 1.9 rate. I was really going to go forward with this deal but my heart is telling me to get the other car that I desire which is the mazda3 I touring with moonroof and bose package.
Later today I’m going to sign papers with Mazda. I’m not even buying a car here but I feel the loss, only if I can afford 2 cars I would get one from them. Norm Reeves was the only honest dealership that I could find which was sad because they are 1 hour and 30 minutes away from me. But they beat all the local dealer prices in my area. One thing that I learned from this first time shopping experience is that Norm Reeves is number 1 for a reason, they are up front and honest towards customers. My experience could not be any smoother.
Give your business to the honest dealership, honesty alone is worth more than any savings. Norm Reeves is the only Honda dealership I can proudly recommend to anyone.

Ro Q.

Cerritos, CA


I previously gave this place 4 stars. I'm updating to 5 stars, 6 months later, because of my experience yesterday.
My battery died yesterday and when I got it fixed the radio needed a security code for the anti theft protection. I did not have it nor could I find it online. When I called my sales person Sonny Wu and told him the problem he told me that he would look into it for me and get back to me as soon as he could. I thought he would take his sweet time since I was his customer 6 months earlier... nope. He got back to me just 1 hour later. He treated me the same on that call as he did when I bought my car.
Thanks Sonny!

Ceasar A.

Long Beach, CA


My experience with Norm Reeves Honda was a great one. I recently purchased a 2012 Honda Civic Ex about six months ago and felt it was way too small. So i called them back looking for an Accord and a most excellent time. They gave me a great deal and did give me the run around.

Erika G.

Long Beach, CA


Sales Agent Mark Nelson is Fantastic!
Mr. Nelson is absolutely the best Salesman on-site. 1st off, I told him that I would like to look at the cars first and he simply gave me card so that I could call him when I was ready. I very much appreciated his "NO PRESSURE" approach. He actually listened to what I was looking for in a car and didn't try to sell me on what he thought was best.
Once I was ready I called him up and he came right over. We test drove a fully loaded Civic and an Accord, but because my heart was on an Acura I ended up going across the street.
TAKE NOTE: Writing a review about a sales agent that I didn't purchase a car from SPEAKS VOLUMES!
Mark was knowledgeable in all areas: car specifications, finances, etc. and he didn't turn me away because of my financial situation like a salesman did a few weeks ago at the same dealership.

Deb F.

Orange, CA


Norm Reeves Honda's service dept. is excellent. Great customer service & timely, quality repair work. They are very thorough in their examinations & share the results without a high pressure sales pitch attached. John, my service rep was friendly & genuine. I can see that service is JOB #1 for everyone on the team. I feel very confident in the work done. I will be back again.

Joey E.

Lakewood, CA


If you want to avoid the usual car salesman headache/b.s ask for SONNY WU. He helped get me a new car by getting the most trade in value for my grimy- barely working-oil bleeding- housing a family of spiders- cosmetically challenged- extreme old car smell-1995 Honda prelude with 287000 miles. Thanks Sonny you're awesome!

Eric G.

Lakewood, CA


We were very excited about purchasing our new vehicle this weekend. They looked busy, but Roberto Arteaga approached us and helped us out. He was very professional and very helpful with all the information. He helped us get approved. Roberto was patient especial with our kids going in and out of the vehicle. Thanks.

David Q.

Montebello, CA


Went there Memorial Day weekend 2012. The place was super packed with people wanting and looking to buy cars. I went in around 1 pm with a newspaper ad hoping to get a lease deal limited to 10 people on approved credit. The sales person Kash helped me out. He was very professional and nice. He honored the newspaper ad, price matched a similar ad and made sure I was always be helped out. On top of everything I forgot to get the $20 gas card so my sister called him up and he offered to mail it us. This is the place to buy a Honda hands down!!!

Shannon N.

Norwalk, CA


For the Service Dept: I am not actually giving the entire service dept 5 stars, only my service adviser John Cervantes. I had actually lost faith in this service department because of the marginal treatment I have received over the years and I had made a decision after my last visit to stop going there. However, my car had an emergency and I needed to get it to the dealership as soon as possible. Since this is the closet Honda dealership to my home, I went with it. I wasn't holding my breath that this visit would be any different. When John greeted me at my car, he was extremely friendly, pleasant & funny, when I told him what was wrong with my car, he told me at first that they would need to keep it overnight. I was panicking because I need to be at work the next day at 6am. So I let him take my car to see what they could find praying that they didn't need it over night. He came not to long after to tell me that I needed a power steering hose and I also need a power steering flush. He said they had the parts and the whole thing would take only an hour. I was so happy. After my car was completed they washed it and the mechanic explained to me everything that happened to my car, some thing that has NEVER happened before. John also explained to me about leak my car had. I was so impressed with the awesome customer service I received from John Cervantes and the mechanic. They are exactly what I think about when I think of customer service, they actually exceeded my expectations. They have renewed my faith in Norm Reeves Honda Service Department and I will definitely being taking my car there again - I will request John to be service adviser.

Mary W.

Carson, CA


I have been a Norm Reeves customer since buying my Honda 10 years ago. The service is always done within the time stated, the service personnel are friendly and helpful, and of course the free coffee is great. I have never had to take the car back after repairs because something was not done right - they do it right the first time. I have learned to appreciate the recommended action plan - it allows me to budget for the next service visit.

Jenni P.

Placentia, CA


I recently visited Norm Reeves Honda Center in Cerritos, and I had such a nice experience I am taking the time to write about it. My husband and I arrived late in the evening, with the intent of "looking" at a Honda pilot for me. We have two little ones now and just needed something bigger. I had my heart set on a pilot for a long time. I love Hondas- you just can't beat them. They are solid, reliable, well designed, and beautiful cars. My first car was a brand new accord, and I have had it for 12 years, and we are keeping it! No need to trade it in, it still runs great, looks great, and it's paid off! Anyways, Kevin Harris greeted us upon arrival, probably thinking we needed something for our accord. Instead, I spotted the exact pilot I wanted, and Kevin grabbed the keys. He knew so much about this car and all that it offered. His "presentation" so to speak, of the car, it's navigation system, the DVD system, and all the amenities it had, was awesome. We didn't feel pressured to buy, rather a genuine shared excitement for this machine. He loves what he does. We could tell that he took pride in his job- he knew answering our questions would help us to find the car that fit all our needs. This pilot did. Kevin also worked out a deal that we could afford. We really didn't need all the bells and whistles that this car had, but being that I tend to keep my cars forever, we decided to just go for it! My husband appreciated Kevin's patience and knowledge... It helped him decide to purchase my new car! I would also like to point out that Murat in the finance department is hilarious. Signing all the fine print is the least fun part when buying a new car, but again, he sat there, as late as it was, and answered all our questions with a great sense of humor. To make my point, he had a brick on his desk that read " keyless entry "!!!! Lastly, as we were walked out to our new car, there was Kevin. He didn't go home even though it was past 11:00 pm!!! He was there to show us a few last things, and he even programmed the navigation system with our home address to take us home. Thanks Kevin, Murat, and Norm Reeves Honda. What a pleasure it was doing business with you. I love my car!

H. S.

Los Angeles, CA


My recent weekend visit there was first rate. I am in the market to buy a new Civic sedan and was promptly greeted by a friendly sales associate when I first arrived in the guest parking area.
My opinion is that the selection of new vehicles here is more comprehensive than any other local Honda dealership in the southern California area. The new car sales and service facility is easy to find and is conveniently located right next to the freeway and in the heart of the Cerritos auto region.
Norm Reeves is definitely a dealership worth considering if you're ever in the market for a new Honda.

Lisa B.

San Diego, CA


This review is for the new car sales department; specifically Mark Nelson (sales) and and Mucio Sanchez (finance). When looking for a new minivan, my husband and I did our research and figured out exactly what we wanted. Next, we shopped around for the best price by emailing dealers and negotiating. We were serious buyers with great credit and wanted a really, really low price. The folks at Norm Reeves were willing to go lower than other dealers we talked with.
We live about 1 1/2 hours away, so I was pretty nervous. I didn't want to get any kind of bait-and-switch and have made the whole drive for nothing. But everything was 100% seamless and transparent -- NO SURPRISES. They remembered what car we wanted and had brought it around so it would be ready for us to test drive. They didn't try to upsell us to a more expensive trim line (we were buying the cheapest one). They honored the price we'd agreed upon by email. There was no runaround about the financing. On top of all this, they were both just super friendly from start to finish.
Also, we had a toddler with us and they were really patient and cool about it. It takes a couple of hours to buy a car, so that's a LONG time for a very small child to have to wait around!! Mark and Mucio were both really sweet to our son. This dealership is set up well for kids -- they have multiple play areas, baby changers in the bathroom, snacks for purchase, etc.
All in all, we had a great experience. We're excited about our new Odyssey and very happy with the sales price, interest rate, and customer service experience that we got at Norm Reeves in Cerritos. Like most people, I usually feel skittish about car dealers, but these two made it a pleasure.

Susy V.

Norwalk, CA


I recently purchased a CRV at the Cerritos Honda dealer and am 100% satisfied!!! Mark Nelson, My sales rep took great care of me and was very understanding and helpful when I ran into some complications along the way (my fault of course). I am so thankful for their kindness and fairness:)

Karen H.

Long Beach, CA


This was by far the easiest transaction ever. Jose Magana was a charm and both he and Jose Sanchez were very responsive...awesome job. From the email price quote to the test drive to the trade in, it was smooth and on point. Even the finance part was painless and Rich was terrific.
thank you, all!!

Jaclyn H.

La Puente, CA


Best car-buying experience ever. Jude (our Sales Rep) was AMAZING. Excellent customer service, sincere, and worked with us to meet our needs. Ryan in Finance was hilarious and a pleasure to work with. We are definitely pleased with our new Honda Civic and will return to Norm Reeves for future purchases.

Jenn T.

Los Angeles, CA


Had the BEST experience getting my brand spanking new Honda this past weekend (a fully loaded Fit - with Navigation system and Bluetooth and alloy rims) JoJo Bayas and Ziggy were the BEST. They were really willing to work with me on the price APR and how much I put down and I really felt like they were trying the best to - as Tim Gunn would say - "make it work" - I am so so sooooo happy with my new car. Thanks to JoJo and Norm Reeves (cheesy I know but you would never had caught me dead in a Honda about a week ago and I freakin love my new car!!!)

Chris S.

Long Beach, CA


Great buying experience. Low pressure Sales. Service staff warm, friendly, accommodating and knowledgeable. Prompt servicing. Would encourage all to purchase their cars there!

Anglea H.

Anaheim, CA


I purchased my 07 Volkswagen Jetta from Norm Reeves Honda in Cerritos! What an awesome experience! David Llamas was the salesman that helped me & my family out! He was so much more than helpful! He made the whole experience fun & fast! He was so personable & honest! I knew I made the right choice by going to Norm Reeves Honda because of David! Not only that but there prices were the absolute BEST! I went to 3 different dealerships before Norm Reeves Honda and left disappointed! I highly recommend Norm Reeves Honda in Cerritos and David Llamas!!

Sevan B.

Los Angeles, CA


I purchased a new 2012 Honda CR-V over the weekend and it was a great experience. Everyone at Norm Reeves was polite and helpful and the actual car-buying process was relatively quick. Both Adil and Ramzi were honest, upfront, and helpful.
Buying a car can often be pain-staking and overwhelming but I look forward to doing business with Norm Reeves Honda in the future.

Peter K.

Chino Hills, CA


We recently purchased a new 2012 Honda Pilot from Nader, Mazen, and Michael at the Norm Reeves Honda Superstore. They were very helpful and got us a great deal on the car. The paperwork process was smooth and they were very friendly.

Danny H.

Rialto, CA


Herb Ratcliff helped me to find my dream car. I have been looking for just that right car, and he helped me tremendously, and to the point of purchasing it right then and there. I've been looking for either an Accord or a Civic, but most other places just didn't do it for me. Either there was too much mileage, wrong color, too old, wrong features, or something like that. You know what I mean. Well, anyway, Herb found me a new 2012 Honda Civic 4dr sedan in deep blue with only 7,607 miles on it. Not only that, but he also had a great price on it that could not be matched by other Honda dealerships or even the Carmax dealerships. I have to tell ya, folks. Norm Reeves caught onto a great fella. He knows his stuff, and he works his butt off. Really! Herb, if not for his tremendous energy, enthusiasm, and overall likeable character has made me believe that there are fine folks out there who are willing to do you right. Go stop by and say hello to Herb. You won't regret it. Herb jumps over mountains to help you find the car of your dreams. Also, I will be telling lots of people to head down to Norm Reeves and get right over to Herb Ratcliff for the very same experience that I had.

Luis D.

Carson, CA


I'm was a first time buyer who has been all over the place looking for a specific car (Nissan Maxima SL) but couldn't get approved with the low income and down payment I had. so I checked this place and found a 04 maxima SL and finally, THEY GOT ME APPROVED. made all the deal online, so I just basically went there to check the car, sign and drive-off! I got the car for $10,950 which was 2k below blue book value based on the car's excellent condition, no scratch, leather has no wear and tear. and I'm sure because I used to be a mechanic my self(also took a friend with me).



Mike S.

Irvine, CA


Let me start by saying no Company or Business is PERFECT! This said lets talk about the good things. This was my 4th purchase at Norm Reeves Honda of Cerritos. I have to say buying a car can be a chore, but I love doing it at Norm Reeves Honda in Cerritos. They are all professional, courteous and happy to help you. Even when I was waiting around people that worked there talked to be and just treated me like a person and wanted to see what I was up to. I wasn't a sale and done deal. I was helped by Ramzi in the Internet department. He is awesome. This was my 2nd purchase with him and all my Honda purchases go thru him and I only recommend him to my Family and Friends. He helped me through the whole process even with all my demands he still smiled and helped me. THATS SERVICE WITH A SMILE! I like the dealership and its amenities. I drive all the way from Irvine to them. Theres probably 10 Honda dealership between them and me,but that goes to tell you that I like them and wont do business anywhere else. Also thank you to Murat in the finance department for his help. Keep up the great job. Hats of to everyone there. I will be back!

Mich X.

San Diego, CA


I wanted to share the wonderful experience I had at Norm Reeves Honda. Bought two brand new hondas a couple of months ago (separate occasions) and left both times a happy and satisfied customer.

BRIAN CHEN was our salesperson and was incredibly helpful with everything. He was knowledgeable, courteous, and honest. He was able to answer every question we had about the cars and never pressured us at any point to buy the cars the same day. He sold the cars within our budget and really worked with us. He even called us back weeks later to make sure our cars met our expectations. BRIAN CHEN is definitely someone I trust at Honda and I will make sure that my family and friends always go to him when looking for a brand new car.

Dan Sandu (I think thats how you spell the last name :/ ) was our finance person and made the process as smoothly and quickly as possible. He didn't try to upsell anything on our car after we stated that we were not interested, which is a great plus!

Overall, my family and I had a great experience during and after the purchases of our cars. :D

(I just hope the service department isn't as bad as everyone on yelp says it is, I will update when I take the cars in for service)

Zina K.

Long Beach, CA


Norm Reeves service department takes great care of me. No hassle friendly service.

Jose A Q.

Glendora, CA


I purchased my CRV 2011 from Eduardo Mora last year. I'm so very happy specially now that gas prices are going up. I'm glad I listened to all Eduardo's recommendations and suggestions. His guidance on the vehicle purchase has been key in my job performance as I use it for work. Thanks very much for all your support. You're very kind and intelligent. Thanks very much.

Kathrine R.

Long Beach, CA


I made an appointment to buy a new car with Lore Simons. She contacted me before the appointment to make sure that she had the colors and cars in stock that I was interested in. I was trying to decide between three cars. She took the time to have me look at and sit in each of the cars that I was interested in and she allowed me time to decide which car I wanted without pressure. She also spent a lot of time "crunching the numbers" to help me figure out which car made the most sense to purchase, again without any pressure. When I did decide, she made sure that I got a fair price on the car as well as a fair price for my trade in. When I drove away, I was driving exactly the car that I wanted for a very fair price and I was very happy with my purchase. Lore walked me through the whole process and she was there at the end of the purchase to say good-bye. She really put a lot of time and effort into my appointment and I really appreciated it.

Edmund B.

Laguna Hills, CA


im not a yelper but loves to read reviews good and negative have to signed up to give credit to sonny..?first time buyer been browsing and checking reviews on dealerships based on costumer service and peace of mind price for a month...end up going to norm reeves cerritos surprisingly glad i did and im one of the reviewers who are satisfied with the service and given mind was set on a color and model that i inquire through online came over robert was gone for the day he was the one been emailing back and forth and i met sonny.. im glad i met that dude he put it to work!..i was bout to leave knowing the car has been sold earlier that mind set wasnt bout to change but sonny made it all possible he bust his gameface on and made me feel like..look here imma go to work since the car u really wanted was sold out earlier morning imma get u another one u aint leaving without one..and glad i met dat dude..big ups for sonny look for that dude i guaranteed u dat he aint no bs salesman his gonna make it happen for u. and i went home with a car same model same color coming back this sunday have the car checked up better give me some freebies sonny i want honda mat, keychains full tank of gas cause the tank wasnt full and i live at laguna hills. we stayed up late to midnite to close the deal the rest are close and ur still there working..big ups sonny..yo da mann! again look for that dude his no bs salesman im not gettin any commission jus to recommend him hehehe..jus a happy camper with a car that i wanted he made it happen!..gyea!

ill do another review after this coming sunday visit....

Danny D.

Gardena, CA


this excellent services, they can match our prices, and we really happy this service

Tonja E.

Los Angeles, CA


Robert Lavariere is THE best salesperson ever. He turned the most horrible experience at this dealership into the best car buying experience ever. When I first called and spoke with him earlier in the week, he was leaving for the day and connected us with Mark Nelson. Mark was unprofessional, wouldn't answer our questions, lost his cool and got very testy when we started talking about cost and negotiating, insulted me, my husband and my kids, and treated us like we were not even worthy of his time or effort. He wouldn't show us the Kelly Blue Book info, and didn't want to let us see any of the paperwork on the car. His picture should be in the dictionary next to the words "typical used car salesman." If he told me that they were not going to make any money on the deal one more time, I think I was going to hurl!! I called Robert the next morning to let him know how his referral worked out and he was MORE than eager to turn that experience around. We came in the following day to meet with Robert and left with the car we wanted. Great price, great add-ons, HONEST, great service, respectful, HONEST, kind, helpful, HONEST. He took out all the certified pre-owned paperwork and showed us exactly what conditioning work had been done on the car, broke down the Kelly Blue Book comparison, and the value breakdown from when the car was turned in. We felt informed and respected, and had no doubt about what we were purchasing. Robert should be commended for his commitment to excellence and customer service. Our first car was from Norm Reeves Cerritos 15 years ago, and Robert made this experience even better. His superior service and attention to our concerns proved to be even more than we had expected. I do hope that you will recognize his quality of performance as he is truly an asset to your office and your organization.

Eduardo R.

Huntington Park, CA


Came to Norm Reeves Honda just to window shop but I left with a new Honda. They were all so nice and helpful. They weren’t pushy at all. They made buying a car very easy and simple. They gave me a great deal I couldn’t resist. I definitely recommend this dealership with everyone. -Eduardo Ramos

Pete R.

Montebello, CA


So a few weeks ago our car had broke down and we ended up at norm reeves where Mr Wu Tang Helped us get into a new 2012 Civic he had made our car buying experience joyful so I wanted to take the time to thank my helpful Honda guy.

Thank you Mr Sonny Wu Tang P.S. I have two sisters who want new cars so I may be seeing you again real soon.

John W.

Long Beach, CA


Came in on a whim after I totaled my car and was just looking around. 2 hours later, Norm Reeves hooked me up with a great deal on a 2007 Civic EX. The entire experience was great from the no pressure buying to the finance manager doing paperwork. I've boughten cars from Toyota from Penske Chevy on the same street and both places didn't match the experience I received at Norm Reeves!!

Estele G.

Gardena, CA


On 12/03/2011, I purchase a Honda Accord 2012 and I was very impress with all the services and personnel on each step of my purchase I receive from Norm Reeves Honda Superstore. I will go back to purchase any vehicles that I need in the future. My daughter is will be ready to purchase her car in a few months and i will take her there. Para los de español, yo les recomiendo Norm Reeves Honda Supertore para su compra de su auto en su futuro. Su servicio y trato al cliente es fenomenal. Es la primea ves que yo receive un trato de lo mejor en una agencia de autos.

Sarah W.

Cypress, CA


I would like to thank Mazen Abdeh for helping me out by choosing the best car I can get. It was an amazing experience. I didn't know if I should choose Honda or Toyota, but with Mr. Abdeh's help everything worked out and he showed me different cars and which would work out the best.The car I purchased was a Honda Accord. I would definately prefer Mazen Abdeh for an employee helper.

Katie H.

Long Beach, CA


I had such a pleasant experience at Norm Reeves Honda this past weekend. Our salesman, Mario Zegarra, was quite helpful in finding the right car for me and made the process easy, seamless, and quick. I highly recommend heading here when you're in the market for a Honda!

Kevin B.

Placentia, CA


Go and see David at the service desk he's awesome!

Agnes L.

Pasadena, CA


I bought my Trusty Honda Civic here in '01, and it's been smooth sailing ever since. I got a great price, good financing, and great service since. I've driven around getting service for my car here and there over the years, but the service and maintenancing here is really the best. I never feel like I'm getting taken advantage of, the pricing is good, and I always feel safer once my car gets handled here. When it's time to look for a new car, and alas, it seems that time may come pretty soon, I would definitely look here first. The quality and customer service is really top-notch.

Melissa M.

La Mirada, CA


Had a great experience buying a used Honda civic here. We were helped by Jose Bolivar who was awesome, he was very helpful, not pushy at all and listened to us. Ask for Jose when you go in and you won't be disappointed.

Jeff M.

Los Angeles, CA


I went to Kia, Hyundai, Volkswagen, and Mazda but walked away frustrated because I felt like there's no room to negotiate. Then I went to Norm Reeves Honda Superstore in Cerritos, after less than 30 mins of negotiation, I was already signing a contract for a brand new 2012 Civic. The sales guy Herb Ratcliff was straight and honest. I was thankful and satisfied with everything!

Tamar D.

Corona, CA


You know that feeling of dread as you get ready to go car shopping? That feeling of "oh no, prepare to get taken advantage of and fight tooth and nail to get a fair deal..." Well, you can get rid of that when you go here.

From the front desk, to the salespeople, to the finance manager, this was the absolute best car buying experience I have had. Quick, painless, and downright easy. Everyone was so nice, and they truly do give you a fair deal. I couldn't have asked for a better experience. Sure it helps to go in prepared, know what you want to spend, and what you expect for your trade-in. But they really do give you service that is second to none. Not to mention they have a HUGE selection of cars. So whatever you're looking for, you will doubtless find it here.

I worked with Ted, the Internet salesman, and he fought every step of the way to get me the best deal he could. Thank you Ted!

Mikey S.

Cerritos, CA


I took in my 99 civic to get serviced and kenny helped me out. I'm not that good with cars so he educated me on my car and he knew what he was talking about. I appreciated how honest he was and also how friendly he was. I recommend everyone to go to him. 5 stars for kenny

I highly recommend this dealership to anyone interested in a new Honda. Friendly service, wide selection, and fair deals. You cannot go wrong.

Thanks to Norm Reeves Honda for making car buying pleasant again.

Matt R.

Beverly Hills, CA


There's really nowhere else to go to buy a Honda.

For the past few years my dad had been telling me about his great experience with Linda Ly at NRH. He got his 2008 Accord sedan he wanted at the price he wanted, all with no-nonsense quotes through email and professionalism when he went to the lot. He told me that it must be that they're going for volume instead of huge margins on individual cars.

I graduated from college in June, so it was time for me to get a car. After months of research and test driving cars of different brands, I found the car that spoke to me (and my wallet): this year's accord coupe. That made my dad happy because he had already seen on the website that Linda Ly was still on the internet staff.

He contacted her, and she quoted a price a little below what I had been expecting to pay. Those graphs you see online that claim to show the lowest price? Forget it. NRH (or maybe just Linda) will beat that -- and without you even saying the price you are shooting for. That means no haggling, no pressure, and no feeling afterward that you just got screwed (because you didn't).

There was one problem: They (and all other dealerships in socal) didn't have the color I wanted in stock. So they offered to special order it AND KEEP THE QUOTED PRICE. I didn't need the car right away, so that was a no-brainer. Luckily for me, the exact car I wanted came in an earlier shipment, so instead of waiting three months, I got it three weeks later. They called as they were taking it off the truck on Friday. I went in yesterday to pick it up.

Then I got the Linda Ly experience my dad had been raving about. Everything was smooth. She had made sure the car had been put aside and led me to it without delay. After the test drive, I went straight to her desk, and she helped me through the initial paperwork, and instead of saying the standard, "I would like you to meet the sales manager," she asked if it was all right if a new guy observed what was going on. If Linda-caliber quality is the standard NHR has set, they're gonna be around for a long time.

Plain and simple: Norm Reeves Honda is THE place to buy a car if you're looking for a straightforward transaction, and Linda Ly is the greatest.

George G.

Lakewood, CA


This letter is written for dynamic clarification of Jerry Gonzalez and Marlon Carias synchronous character representing superlative public relation, business ethics, and customer service. Jerry is an outstanding salesman, a devoted business leader with cognitive equilibration between customer and supplier based principles.

Jerry and Marlon are prolific salesmen who are willing to dedicate their time, efforts, and abilities to achieve the goals of the customer/buyer practitioner. Both salesmen listen to their clients with an understanding, community service, exhibit the current week sales programs, and interpersonal skills to mentor and coach new buyers. Both sales team members build enthusiastic confidence to assist clients through loyalty, joyfulness, and intuitive thinking.

Purchasing my Vehicle from Jerry Gonzalez and Marlon Carias denotes the Aha Phenomenon about buying vehicles Norm Reeves Superstore!

Actually when I visited the Auto Super-center I had no intention to purchase a car immediately. It was my objective to view Norm Reeves vehicles for future reference to receive an new vehicle after the first quarter of the year.

Jerry Gonzalez displays courteous, communicative, knowledgeable, and outstanding customer service to create a covenant relationship between salesman and buyer. Well done Jerry and Marlon. Yes I will buy another vehicle from Norm Reeves because of the wonderful service!

Pete H.

Los Angeles, CA


If there is one thing I despise, it is dealing with the car sales process.

Taylor C at Norm Reeves made my reservations heading into the purchase of a minivan (which can be traumatic in its own right) disappear. The pricing and terms that were quoted before we actually made the trip to the dealership was exactly what was paid and the process and delivery were flawless! Taylor did everything he could to make the process smooth and even offered to show up on his day off to walk us through the delivery. I would recommend him to anyone.

The rest of our experience was just as nice as the finance manager did not try to upsell at every opportunity and we were out as quickly as the printer was able to produce the absurdly long documents.

Thank you to the Norm Reeves team for a wonderful experience and restoring hope that car buying can actually be pleasant!

Hedi K.

Hacienda Heights, CA


Norm Reeves Honda is the best! Superb service, friendly staff, clean environment.

Best selection of vehicles overall.

Make sure you ask for any specials, they are always willing to work with you and your circumstances. The parts store carries such a huge line of automotive accessories and aftermarket parts. This makes it my number one go to place for all of my automotive needs. It helps that they support car enthusiasts like myself.

Karla N.

Cypress, CA


Best Car Dealership in Town! I’ve been coming here for the past 7 years and had nothing but excellent service even my husband is thinking about converting over to a Honda for his next car. Their customer service over the phone is awesome as well and when your getting your car serviced they have complementary packaged snacks and coffee. Love this place they know about to take car of their customers!!

Kent N.

Los Angeles, CA


The whole process was easy peazy. Got a below invoice quote from their fleet department on the car I wanted, did a test drive, got approved and went home. Done and done.

StevAnn G.

Cerritos, CA


Omg this is the best Honda dealership I’ve ever been to! Excellent customer service, staff is very helpful! I’ve bought all of my cars here and I wouldn’t go anywhere else. Great job norm reeves!!!

Summer L.

Long Beach, CA


Seriously one of the best car buying experiences ever!_I had just bought a car in October of last year, which in contrast, was the WORST car buying experience ever. After complaining one too many times over the ensuing months to my mother about various aspects of the car and the purchasing experience, she told me to try and see if I could get out of it and into something I actually wanted. I didn't think it was remotely possible seeing as I had JUST purchased said vehicle 8 months prior and was already upside down on the loan substantially, but she insisted it was worth a try.

I jumped online and started doing some research on cars with great gas mileage, tons of awesome features with a low price tag, good resale value, and high safety ratings. Big surprise- my search led me to Honda! I had a Civic before and had absolutely no complaints about it. I absolutely fell in love with the 2011 Honda Insight but was convinced it was out of my budget because of my upside down loan. Following mama's advice (you know what they say about mom's knowing best) I went ahead and requested information online. I was very quickly contacted by Ramzi Maymoun, and sent an online price quote. With his guidance, I was able to get preapproved online, worked out a down payment amount, and was able to get most of the stuff people don't like about the car buying experience out of the way before I even set foot at the dealership! I headed straight over after work, and after less than 2 hours of working with Ramzi and Sal Rodriguez in financing, I drove off in a beautiful, brand new 2011 Honda Insight..all for CLOSE to the exact same amount I was already paying for my current car!

Not to mention, when I drove off the lot, the "Check Tire Pressure" light was on. I called the next day and made an appointment to have it looked at. Brian B. (I wish I remembered his last name) informed us that there was a HUGE nail in the tire, and it was unrepairable- but that they were going to take care of it, and wash my car for the trouble. I cannot sing Brian's praises enough- super friendly, very knowledgeable, & best of all, quick!

Bottom line- I will be back, and every member of my family will be back (if I can help it) to buy cars here. Norm Reeves Honda of Cerritos and it's employees (at least the ones I had the pleasure of dealing with) clearly have integrity and are dedicated to customer satisfaction from start to finish. I couldn't be a happier new Honda owner!

Paul G.

Lakewood, CA


If you want a new Honda, come to Norm Reeves Honda Superstore in Cerritos and please ask for GEORGE CALIMLIM. He's nice and a helpful salesman just like the guys from the Honda commercials. He got me a great deal on my Honda Element and I suggest you look for him before you make a purchase!!!

Paul G.

Lakewood, CA


If you want a new Honda, come to Norm Reeves Honda Superstore in Cerritos and please ask for GEORGE CALIMLIM. He's nice and a helpful salesman just like the guys from the Honda commercials. He got me a great deal on my Honda Element and I suggest you look for him before you make a purchase!!!

Elise S.

Pasadena, CA


I bought a 2011 Honda Fit a week ago and I could not be happier with my car and the help I got from Norm Reeves Honda Superstore. Chris Ramos was our guy in the internet sales department and we were out of there with a new car in two hours! Go to Norm Reeves for zero hassle, super low prices and friendly, not at all pushy salespeople. There was no pressure anywhere in the process, which was my favorite part. Thanks, Norm Reeves!

Carrie H.

Fullerton, CA


A good service department is hard to find but I have found one at Norm Reeves in Cerritos. The staff is prompt and always friendly. My husband and I started going there after a friend told us about the great experience they had and referred us to Octavio Cortes who was the service advisor that helped them. Octavio always made us feel like valued customers. He's now the service manager but he still takes the time to greet us whenever we take our car in for service. Anthony Ortiz is the service advisor who helps us now and he does a great job as well. He's patient and knowledgeable. We always feel like we've been given a good deal and treated fairly. We highly recommend the Norm Reeves service department!

Maura F.

Los Angeles, CA


I went to Norm Reeves last night and was lucky enough to work with Mark Lee to get my new Honda Civic. This review will be short and sweet, just like my visit there - there was no hassle, no phoniness - just straight up good service from honest people. It was really refreshing and it only took a few hours to find my new car, trade in my old one, and handle all the paperwork; I was out of there in no time and really got the best deal. Best thing I can reiterate is there was just no hassle, no games - which is hard NOT to encounter at any dealership. Just looked at the figures, took into consideration what I was hoping to pay, and we made a great deal in a short amount of time. Thanks again Mark, I can't speak more highly of him and the team over there. Pay him a visit if you want to drive home a great Honda!